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How to customize a suitable pillow

When it comes to sleep, it is a very important thing. Sleep that is based on scientific and reasonable sleep has a very good promotion effect on body health. However, when sleeping, some precautions you can’t ignore, for example, about pillows use. Many people may pillow on relatively high pillows, and even some people will sleep on two pillows together. Can they really “have no worries”? It may not be obvious that when you have a pillow that is too high for a long time, the impact and trouble are also relatively large. If you do this for a long time, some harm may come to you. I found it for everyone

  1. Injury to the cervical spine and induce cervical spondylosis

When you sleep for a long time, pillowing on a very high pillow will cause you to keep your head down when you sleep. In this case, there is a strong physiological curvature straightening of the cervical spine It is easy to cause cervical spondylosis, especially when some computer families have stared at the computer during the day and already injured the cervical spine. Then, when sleeping, lowering your head, the damage to the cervical spine may be greater, and it is more likely to cause cervical spine disease. Cervical spondylosis, accompanied by cervical spine pain, is a situation that you have to pay attention to. The longer the pillow, the more likely it is to have cervical spondylosis. What are the three major hazards of sleeping high pillows to the body?

  1. Injury to the spine, may cause the spine to twist

When you are sleeping for a long time, pillowing a very high pillow will also affect the health of the spine, causing your spine to appear excessively twisted. There are many people who have a high pillow at night, the next day When I woke up, I felt back aches and pains because of too many pillows, which caused the spine to be in a suspended state. This kind of soreness may not be able to bear a touch.

  1. Cause shoulder pain

When you sleep for a long time, pillowing on a very high pillow will also cause your back muscles to remain in a very tense state. In such tense muscles, it may cause abnormal blood flow and acid shoulders The pain continues to increase, and the impact and trouble may be greater.

  1. Head hypoxia

When you sleep for a long time, pillowing a very high pillow has an effect on your brain, or it may cause hypoxia in your head. There are many people because of frequent pillows. Pillows can also cause hypoxia in the head, and then there is insufficient blood supply to the brain. After waking up, there is no feeling of refreshment, but more fatigue. The fatigue of the brain is very strong and needs attention.

If the pillow is too high, it will affect the body and be damaged. So if the pillow is very low? The pillow is low and not very good. In this case, it may cause congestion and swelling of your nasal mucosa, affecting people’s normal breathing, which is also not very good.

How should we customize the height of the pillow?

Since there are so many pillows that are too high, when you sleep, how high are the pillows at? Customep advises that it is better to set the height of the pillow at 10cm. This height is in line with the physiological curvature of people’s cervical spine, shoulders, and back of the head, which will cause less damage. At the same time, the pillow should be wider than your shoulders. When you turn over, you can make the pillow on the left and right sides.

What kind of pillow should we customize?

The choice of pillow core is best to choose the soft, strong elastic, good breathability, good moisture-proof pillow, you can also add buckwheat skin, tea, etc., is also helpful for protecting hair and sweat absorption. As for the towel outside the pillow, it is best to change it in time and clean it. I hope you pay more attention.

In the above article, customsep introduced some tips for choosing pillows in life. I hope to bring you some help.

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