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Tailor-made pillows can add creativity to your interior design. Design pillows that make the room more refined, or use whimsical fabrics to add a playful pillow.

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The ULTIMATE Anime Body Pillow Guide!

The new anime body pillow series is currently the best-selling style on the market. You can provide us with photos of your favorite anime characters, celebrities and lovers. We will let a professional design team customize the pillow that suits you best.
Customized pillows take 7 to 15 days to produce because of the many manufacturing processes, design and production of samples, material selection, and size. You only need to provide the pictures you like and confirm the design draft, and let us do the rest.

How Are Dakimakura Different from Body Pillows?

While dakimakura and body pillow can look very similar in shape and size, the typical reason for use is different. Put simply, it’s a case of physical support vs. emotional support.

Orthopedic pillows are used for physical support, to correct the position of your body as you sleep. They allow you to avoid a variety of disorders and discomforts: blood circulation problems, muscle pain, snoring, and more. Healthcare professionals may suggest using them, or they may be bought on a whim or out of curiosity.

The dakimakura in Japan has a long tradition of providing emotional support. They are thought of as comfort objects—not that different from a security blanket or a favorite stuffed toy. The name is meant to be descriptive of how it’s used.

Unlike body pillows, which can come in a variety of dimensions and shapes, dakimakura have strict measurements. Traditional dakimakura are about 20 inches (50 cm) in width, and around 59 to 63 inches (either 150 cm or 160 cm) in length. The circumference should be a little over 39 inches (100 cm).

Standard sizing for dakimakura is important. This isn’t just for the sake of accuracy, but because of the pillow’s well-known connection to the anime and manga community. It might sound like a stretch, but it’s true.

Custom Anime Body Pillow

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The pillow core is made of 100% natural cotton, which is very breathable and elastic.

If you want to have a night of better sleep, you must have a safe and comfortable pillow.

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customsep is a professional pillow manufacturer with production plants in Japan, the United States, Canada and China. It has many years of production experience and a professional design team. High-quality goods are popular among the public.
In order to adapt to and develop the needs, a custom pillow service is now launched. You only need to provide the pictures you like and the styles you need. We provide you with a professional design team and production team to create the most suitable pillow for you.
Customized pet pillows, custom anime body pillows, custom sofa pillows… are our most professional product lines.

Creative Gifts

Don’t know how to choose a gift? Come on customsep. com designs and customizes by itself.
To make a creative gift, you only need to provide the photos you like, and then choose the product you want to make, we will help you design and customize a personalized gift.
Such gifts are very commemorative and can turn some good memories into eternal companionship.

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We have always promised high-quality production as the first criterion. In order to allow customers to enjoy the best product quality and service quality, we have made strict quality inspection standards for each production link, and resolutely provide the best products to every buyer.
The fabrics and dyes for our custom pillows are imported from Japan. The intelligent aseptic production environment allows products to have better quality.

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