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5 reasons you should choose Dakimakura!

Dakimakura may be one of the most creepy things any otaku can have, but why is it so? Well, this may be because they are often associated with some kind of explosive dolls and are regarded as pure sex toys by society. In fact, those of us who have dakimakura will disagree with this. Actually, let me tell you five reasons why everyone should have dakimakura.

  1. So soft, it makes your girlfriend jealous, this is a period of time we advocate
    After all, you’ve heard that dakimakura is just an ordinary body pillow with a custom printed bed cover. Now imagine a hard day at work or school. Who doesn’t want to hug in bed and squeeze something soft to relax? I know that the fabrics I will be are usually very smooth, almost silky, and the filling can be as soft as you want, even softer than your girlfriend.
  2. Incredibly cute
    Dakimakura’s cover is very well drawn and very cute. Since we were young, we like to hug and squeeze things while sleeping, so why not squeeze something cute and enjoy sleep with your favorite anime characters? With so many designs, no one forces you to print nude girls on them, you can choose anything you want, from formal dresses to pure ero dakimakura, no matter what your wheels spin.
  3. A girl? no problem!
    Who says dakimakuras is only suitable for boys? I’m sure that all of you girls have their favorite female characters and love hugging very much. No? Don’t give up, there are also many girl dakimakuras with your favorite male characters printed on them. In fact, if you want, you can also order a fully customized cover with Hello Kitty printed on it! Go!
  4. Good for you!
    Believe it or not, human pillows are actually very useful for people with back problems. They provide support for your body and help you relieve pain. Women often use them during pregnancy. Do not you trust me? Google it!
  5. Lonely or sad? The solution is here!
    Sometimes each of us feels lonely and depressed, what better way than squeeze, relax and overcome difficulties. So, why not turn something into your favorite anime character? I can assure you that it will help!
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