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5 ways to use pillows

Some people say who can’t sleep on a pillow? In fact, there are many tricks. If the pillow is not right, it will make the neck uncomfortable. Today I will teach you some practical tips on pillows.

Pillow must be up to the neck

You can test yourself. When you lie down, if the lowest part of your chin is facing the sky, it means the pillow is too low. If your chin is pressed down, the pillow is too high. The chin should be kept level for a comfortable and correct pillow height.

It’s best not to sleep on a hard bed

For example, some parents think that when their children sleep on a hard bed, the bones will grow upright. In fact, the flesh of the human body’s hips, waist, and shoulders is somewhat different. The rigid bed will prevent the curve of the body from sticking to the surface of the bed, so that it is impossible to relax and rest, uncomfortable and unhealthy.

Learn to cushion pillow

Many people are accustomed to not using pillows. When sleeping, their heads will be tilted back, and the pressure on the cervical spine will be twice as high as when they are tilted forward. Over time, problems will definitely occur. The height of the pillow can be lower for young people, and higher for older people, because the softness of the cervical spine will change with age. The older you get, the more rigid you need more support.

The relationship between sleeping position and pillow

In normal sleep, the pillow should fit from the entire head to the neck, not to the shoulders, and not only to the back of the head. A small pillow should be placed under the knee; when sleeping on the side, the height should be doubled. Put a small pillow between your knees; sleep on your stomach is best avoided because the cervical spine will be exposed to too much pressure; when you get up, remember to posture on your side first, hold your hands up, and then get out of bed. Don’t just sit up straight on your back.

Change position

No matter how correct the posture is, it is not appropriate to fix it for too long. It must be changed after a long time. You must turn over when you sleep. If you sit for a long time, you must stand up and move to maintain your spine.

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