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A guide to buying the first anime Dakimakura body pillow

In the animation industry, Dakimakuras seems to be a very embarrassing topic. Therefore, I will provide some buying tips and reasons for first time buyers.
Reasons to buy anime Dakimakura body pillow

Human beings are social animals, so for the few of us who are not men and women, we need a sense of comfort and companionship, and Dakimakura will achieve this goal. It’s better than having one of your favorite anime characters or an anime fan who has a crush on hugs and cuddles.

Back and body pain
As a person who suffers from many physical problems and has difficulty falling asleep due to severe body pain. I bought the first Dakimakura and found that it relieves pain, allows me to sleep all night and work better during the day.

Decorative purpose
If you want to turn your bedroom into an otaku paradise, dakimakura can be a great decoration. Having a real-size artwork that is almost the same as a life-size can really make your room and animation work stand out.

Uh! ………… Dirty reasons
Many of you may already know that many dakimakuras have semi-naked or completely undressed characters on the other side of the pillowcase. For the few who want to spend some time with an anime character, dakimakura is definitely for you. When it comes to the details in the artwork, the photos on the Internet do not make sense.
Tips for first-time buyers:

What size should I buy?
Anime Dakimakura body pillows appear in three main sizes: 100×35cm, 150×50cm, and 160×60cm. Even after sunbathing, they can also be made into various shapes and sizes according to the needs of users. The most standard size is 50x150cm, which is the size I will recommend for first-time buyers. Otherwise, there is 50x160cm.

Which fabric is better?
For the first purchase, Peach Skin is a cost-effective fabric for you to choose from. It has good durability, but almost no elasticity.
In winter, Super Soft Velvet can keep warm on cold nights, which is very suitable for winter.
Don’t want to wash Dakimakura often, Smooth Knit can prevent staining. Bright colors, never fade, not easy to blink.
When looking for the best fabric, it is strongly recommended to use 2 Way Tricot fabric. Super smooth and soft, very delicate when printing images.

How to clean?
When printing the product, please wash the printed material with cold water to preserve the color.
Do not use special chemicals to whiten clothes.
Dip your box or lid in cold water mixed with detergent, and then gently wash.
Let us keep soaking for 15 minutes. Then wash off the detergent with cold water.
Hang it in a suitable place to dry.
Do not let them come into direct contact with strong sunlight.

How to hide?
Purchase your anime Dakimakura pillow protector
Take out the pillowcase from inside the anime Dakimakura
Throw it under the bed
Throw her in the closet
Finally, you might be wondering where can I buy cheap and high-quality anime Dakimakura body pillows?
Great site to buy Dakimakuras from

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