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Some anime fans call it Dakimakura (aka human pillow). What is their meaning?

I saw the cartoon TV show “We Bare Bears” for the first time. The character panda has an unhealthy fascination with Miki-Chan who is Pillow (or he claims to be his girlfriend).

Miki-chan is Dakimakura (hugging pillow dakimakura) (“hugging | daki” comes from the Japanese verb “抱抱る| dakiru”, which means “to hug or cling to”, and “pillow | makura” means “pillow” ) A large pillow from Japan; they are also referred to as human pillows. They are famous for having Bishojo (beautiful girl bishōjo | beautiful girl lit up) or Bishonen (beautiful young man bishōnen | beautiful young man lit [boy]) on the front and back of their bodies. The pillows of characters in anime, games, manga/manga, etc., make them appear in various poses, even with hints. They have become very popular in the otaku (オタ otaku) culture.

Anime body pillows first appeared in Japan to comfort young men and women with fetish washes. But the phenomenon of fetishism is not unique to Japan, and many such people exist all over the world. Many shops in Japan provide these people with interesting products (Dakimakura).

Dakimakura (anime body pillow) has become a very popular custom pillow all over the world. Personalized customization service can design a pillow suitable for everyone. In particular, the prevalence of Japanese animation has driven the development of Dakimakura’s industry.

In the future, Dakimakura will enter our lives more commonly.

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How high is the appropriate pillow?

Pillows are necessities that we use every day to sleep. The quality of pillows will directly affect our sleep and health. Some small knowledge about pillows, many people are not clear. How to choose the right pillow? How to choose the height and size of the pillow? What pillow is best? The answers you want will be given below.

The height of the pillow is related to the quality of sleep and physical health.

A pillow that is too high will cause the cervical spine to slowly deform, strain the neck muscles, and may also promote the formation of bone spurs.

When the pillow is high, breathing will not be smooth. Dry mouth, sore throat, and snoring are prone to occur. After waking up, you will feel neck pain, headache, dizziness, and tinnitus.

A low pillow is not good, and it is also bad for the cervical spine. It is easy to breathe and snore. After waking up, there will be heads, irritability, and facial swelling.

So, how high is the right pillow? This varies from person to person, and is related to each person’s fatness or thinness, shoulder width, neck length, and sleeping posture.

The appropriate height of the pillow is generally 10-15 cm. The pillow should be slightly higher for people with shoulder width, fat body, and long neck.

For people who are accustomed to sleeping on their backs, the pillow height should be the same as the height of their fists after compression (the height of the fist raised up); for people who are accustomed to sleeping on the side, the pillow height should be the same as the height of their side shoulder after compression. It is better to be consistent.

In addition, people with high blood pressure, heart disease, and asthma should have a slightly higher pillow, and those with low blood pressure and anemia should use a lower pillow.

A very hard pillow makes the contact area between the head and the pillow small, and the local pressure is large, making it uncomfortable to sleep.

If the pillow is too soft, the head will sink, affecting blood circulation, numb the head, and easily cause neck muscle fatigue.

The pillow should not be too elastic, otherwise the neck will be very tired and it will easily cause neck muscle damage.

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There are many kinds of stuffing materials in the pillow, you can choose according to your preferences.

Man-made fibers:

Chemical fiber materials are easy to clean, but ordinary pillow cores are not very breathable. After a period of time, their elasticity decreases, and they tend to become hard and agglomerate. The good quality pillow core is made of composite materials such as hollow fiber, which has good air permeability, resilience, warmth retention, bulkiness and service life.


Latex has good elasticity, is not easy to be deformed, and has strong support. Moreover, this pillow will not cause respiratory allergies because it has no fine fibers or dust. It is especially suitable for people with allergies and asthma patients. But the price is higher.


This pillow will not deform: and is not suitable for people with allergies. Good air permeability, soft and comfortable. But it cannot be washed, and the pillow core should be cleaned every few months and replaced with a new one or two.

After washing the latex pillow with a suitable detergent, rinse it with clean water. Then wrap it with a dry cloth to absorb water, and place it in a cool and ventilated place to dry it. Do not put it in the sun to avoid aging of the material.

Put the feather pillows in a ventilated place to dry, and just pat them lightly with your hands. Don’t wash it with water to avoid balling of down.

Pillows are essential beddings in our lives. The height of pillows has a great influence on our health and sleep. When we buy pillows, we must choose suitable filling materials and the height of the pillows. Choose the right height according to your actual situation. A suitable and reliable pillow can make us more comfortable when sleeping.

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What is the healthiest pillow for sleeping?

In my definition, the healthiest pillow not only provides physical comfort, but also saves costs. Before claiming it is the healthiest, we must study some factors. At present, more medical scientists agree that pillows play a very important role in sleeping health.

Support-The pillow should support the head. It should not cause the head to sink. Too many heads will result in poor alignment of the neck and spine. It should not raise the head excessively to avoid pressure points on the shoulders and neck. The healthiest pillow should be balanced, that is, neither sink too much nor raise the head.

Adapt to all sleeping positions-the healthiest pillow should adapt to all sleeping positions. Therefore, whether you are in a horizontal bed, a stomach bed or a mixed sleeper, a well-designed pillow can be adjusted accordingly without causing the neck to bend naturally.

The healthiest pillow will care for your skin. It will not exacerbate acne, blisters or rashes. By preventing dust mites from gathering and settling on its surface, it also ensures the prevention of asthma.

Last but not least, the pillow should be comfortable. It will not make your back pain, twisted or narrowed neck. It can also treat your skin well.

The most important thing about a good pillow is not only the quality and workmanship, but also the price of the pillow. At present, the price of pillows of many brands on the market is very high, which is beyond the range that most people can afford. And the low-priced pillows use many materials that are harmful to the body.

Pillows are the most exposed items in our lives. Because we cannot sleep without pillows, it is particularly important to buy a high-quality pillow.

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Do I need a pillow to sleep? [Expert tells you]

Most people use pillows for comfort and support, and to improve sleep quality. Nowadays, since our necks are under a lot of pressure, it is actually recommended that most people use pillows while sleeping. There are also a few people who do not have the habit of using pillows, so what effect does pillow have on our sleep?

These are the two main reasons for the same:

  1. Pillow helps to keep the spine in a neutral position.
  2. Pillows can help you align your neck to other parts of your body when you sleep.

Another important thing to remember is that as far as pillows are concerned, this is not like a “one size fits all” situation. Different people sleep differently, so you need to remember your sleeping posture and other physical requirements when choosing a pillow.

If you sleep completely on your back, you can sleep without a pillow, but lying on your side is generally not recommended. When we sleep without a pillow, our neck will sag, so we need a support to lift the neck and make it reach the best level with the rest of the body. Pillows help keep the neck and spine aligned. Since most of us switch positions at night, it is always best to have a suitable pillow as support.

We recommend using a memory foam pillow with a neck brace. It can be aligned with the contours of your head and neck to provide personalized support and help you experience restorative sleep.

Finally, some people sweat at night. Cool pillows are very beneficial to their good sleep. You can choose pillowcases made of pure cotton or satin.

Therefore, if you see it, the use of pillows is a personal need. It is important to listen to your body and understand which body is best for you based on your sleeping posture and physical needs. High-quality and research-supported pillows can always help improve sleep quality.
From the above description, we can also clearly know that using pillows to sleep does not bring more positive effects to our body. Instead of using pillows, it is easy to cause cervical spine deformation.

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Why do people put pillows between their thighs when they sleep?

This is a very interesting question, because most people have the habit of sleeping with a pillow between their thighs.

By installing a pillow between your thighs, your legs will be properly supported and spaced to balance the hips and maintain a neutral spine. This causes the hips and spine to align, which allows the back muscles to relax and get a good rest.

This is an article that explains the many benefits of sleeping on a knee pillow.

Your legs will no longer seek support, and your knees will benefit from proper spacing, eliminating the need for knee beating. Everything is in harmony and you should fall asleep faster and deeper, thereby improving the quality of sleep.

Align the hips and spine-by properly supporting and spacing your legs, your hips will stand upright and keep your spine neutral, prevent pulling back and straighten your spine without back pain.
Reduce leg movement-by keeping your legs close together, your legs no longer look for positions, so you sleep faster and deeper.
Distribute the lower body evenly-by allowing the legs to help the buttocks support the lower body, the muscles can relax and relax.
The ideal choice is an ergonomically designed knee pillow that fits comfortably between your thighs. This pillow is made of rich memory foam and can be continuously supported at night, similar to this.
Putting a pillow between the thighs can help you fall asleep more comfortably and promote the rapid blood circulation of the body. It seems that this is an instinctive requirement of our body, because most of us like this kind of action.

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Why do some people like to cuddle with a pillow?

There are many reasons why you like to hug pillows like this.

First; if you want to X-ray the pillow, you will find that there are no bones inside. Compared to other hug relatives, this makes the hug pillow more snug.

Second; hugs are closely related to our nostalgia, such as mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, grandparents, father Christmas, casual strangers sn together, that big guy is Joe or Joseph Fen has hairy arms. We found Yeti/Sasquatch in the woods a few days ago, and more. What is better than hugging? Hugging a pillow can approximate the waist height of someone you know and love. Since pillows are usually rectangular, they can accurately simulate the middle section without arms, chest, belly buttons or lower torso. Embrace fun in the form of pleasant materials.

Third; the tactile characteristics of the pillow can be fully dual-armed. If the pillow is big enough, you can wrap your legs on the pillow like a lover. You can put the top of the pillow on your face and let yourself be wrapped in a soft material, so as to realize the joy and unity of the pillow toning spoon. If you want to be more intimate, you can kiss on the pillow with your mouth or…

Fourth; Pillow will never speak, never fart or bel, never bother you to stop beating. The pillow always sticks to the love for you. It smells a bit problematic at first, no problem, you only need to provide it with cotton, polyester, hemp, bamboo or silk corset (pillowcase), and it will return love to you. If the pillow is an important person in your life, when the life of the pillow expires, you can discard it or refill it. Can you say the same to humans, dogs, cats, giraffes, and gerbils? (Technically, you can stuff all these things, but do you really want them to lie on the bed and stare into their cold glass eyes?)

Fifth: You can bring pillows with essential oils into new sensory ups and downs. Have a cold or flu? How about good eucalyptus oil. Do I need to get off early? Lavender baby! You can sprinkle that pillow according to your wish (just don’t put it near the open flame).

Remember, the pillow is life, not just Christmas. (Unless it is a Christmas pillow, it will most likely be in the box within 11 months of the year and will only appear around Christmas, thus invalidating the statement).

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What is the most comfortable pillow design?

Pillows are essential for good sleep:

When people work all day and then go to bed at night, the first thing that comes to mind is comfort. Sleep is an important factor in living a healthy and fresh life. You need the most comfortable pillow to fall asleep. Customers continue to pursue the highest quality pillows.

On the other hand, side sleepers need neck support with a greater distance from the body. If they have back or stomach discomfort, they can raise their heads as needed. Then, they will remember the best pillow, which can comfortably support your neck.

Improper sleep can cause headaches, back pain, muscle stretching, and itchy arms in the morning.

If the mattress and pillow are the most comfortable, people can sleep peacefully. Pillows come in any size, but if you choose a king-size pillow, you want a healthy and rich sleep will be better for you. Here, some pillows give you the best results, and you can also choose from them.

Water-based pillow:

It is the same as a water bed mattress. The pillow height management in the hand depends on adding or removing water. This pillow has been prepared in the United States and is very easy to use and maintain.

When lying on it, it will calm you down and accurately locate your position while sleeping. One thing is that pillowcases are hard to find.

keep cool:

The cool memory foam pillow can hold the neck and always rotate in the proper pattern. The firm support makes you sleep well all night. The pillow is sewn from the side, so it cannot be bent.

The pillow contains heat, so it is never too hot or too cold. This is an easy-to-clean pillow, the outer shell of the pillow is removed.

You visited the most comfortable pillow among the most comfortable pillows in 2018-the best pillow for side pillows-Thelistli

The most worthwhile body pillow:

The most worthwhile portable pillow is added to the most comfortable pillow. This can support not only the neck, but also the body. A pregnant woman likes this pillow. Because you can give yourself any shape you want, it can change your sleep.

These foams can provide optimal support, airflow, and keep the body cool and reduce heat buildup during pillow use. The pillow is heavy, it is difficult to change direction, adjust it to the correct position for the first time.

Side pillow:

It is made of foam that is never smooth. Memory foam is easy to form, has unlimited comfort and cool airflow technology. This is the best choice for people who lie on the side. It can fill the space between the neck and the mattress.

It has a 20-year warranty and excellent support will make you satisfied.

The best pillow is filled with a cluster of ducks:

The name indicates its quality. The pillows are made of 95% ultra-clean duck feathers, and 5% duck down pillows can also be washed.

It is soft enough for your head to fit your skin, and thick enough to support your neck to relax. The outer layer of the pillow prevents dust, dirt and allergens from attacking the pillow. This is the best choice for the most comfortable pillow seeker.

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Why is my pillow so uncomfortable to sleep?

It may be that your body sinks too much into the mattress.

If this is the case, placing your head above the mattress will force your neck to bend to an uncomfortable angle and will not align with the spine.

To test this, lie on your current mattress without a pillow. Concentrate and pay attention to the angle between the back and the neck. Is the angle too big or too small? Which areas do you need to support to bridge any unsupportable gaps between the body and the mattress?

Try rolling up a few towels to fill these areas to create an angle that will make you feel a little (good) stretch of your back. During the day, we tend to sit at a desk, drive or bend over to prepare to do things with our hands in order to bear the heavy load, so it feels good to sleep in a posture opposite to this posture.

When you wake up, you will see a pillow of the desired shape and size (if any).

I slept on a very sturdy buckwheat husk mattress, but my body did sink into it, so the tall “American” pillow was not suitable for me. When I lie down, all I need to align my neck and spine is my lavender chaff neck pillow.

I only need to push the hull to the side to put its head in the bowl, and then cover a row of taller hulls to fill the gap between the shoulders and the head. Sleeping on the hull means less tossing and turning, so I can sleep in this position all night. After I woke up, I felt very rested, my back felt great, and I was ready for the next day!

Choosing the pillow and mattress that suits you is a very important thing. Usually, most of us don’t care about these small details, which affects our health. At present, many professional pillow customization manufacturers have also emerged. They can not only customize the material and height of the pillow, but also customize their favorite group on the pillowcase.

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Is it worth buying anime Dakimakura pillows?

It really depends on me. I assume you are talking about whether it is worth it, but you are asking whether it is worth it.

The following points should be considered when purchasing Dakimakura:

  1. Why did you buy Dakimakura? (Lonely? Need to take out/husband? For various reasons?)
  2. What waifu / husbando do you plan to buy? (Do you really love them? Is it enough to buy one? Will you really not throw it away in less than a month?)
  3. Where do you buy Dakimakura? (Depending on your source, there will be different sites and different shipping costs)
    I want to provide some more insights, so please provide me with the latest information about the country you live in, where you plan to buy from and the link to the country you want to buy.

By the way, if you want to save some storage space, just buy a pillow and get multiple different pillowcases because it is cheaper and saves more space. (However, if you want a 3D harem, you can move on)
3D Dakimakura is an upgraded version of the body pillow, using natural latex for molding, so you can truly experience the charm of the body pillow. But the disadvantage is that the volume will be a bit large and not convenient for storage.
In Japan and the United States, they are more and more popular products. Many professional customized platforms have also emerged on the market.
Dakimakura (anime body pillow) solves the psychological needs of many young people and can fully relieve physical fatigue.

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Why do pregnant women need pregnancy pillows?[Featured pillows]

Lumbago pillow for pregnant women

This is a touching story between me and a mat. All in all, I will be straightforward with you and tell you about pregnancy: this is a brilliant and hard work. I experienced such a special desolation from the beginning that I hope to cry in the future. At night, but I can’t fall asleep completely.

From the beginning, I might not want to give up buying pregnancy pads. I’m not even sure why I don’t think I need one at all. Or maybe I put a cushion between the thighs (this can help reduce the weight of the hips by separating the legs), and then gently put a smaller cushion under the intestines to reduce some moderate weight edges (regardless of Is it unfamiliar?) Not good at passing edges that contrast sharply with the bowling ball that might stick to my center, and let another important figure of mine, Giovanni, place a cushion on my back so that I don’t roll over and get out of the vena cava (Circulating blood flows from the lower body back to the heart’s important veins) to drain out of the circulatory system.

As you can see, it was too fast that night. In a similar way, you can imagine the packaging gathered in my eyes due to zero rest. It was not until I realized that I looked tired that I decided to achieve something.

Therefore, I asked Gio to do some research (he provided very useful help), and (you should ask me to make a mat during pregnancy-this evaluation is the best. This is after I came back two nights after considering Amazon Prime the way).

Removable and machine washable velvet zipper sleeve
Our U-shaped body pad can support your back, hips, knees, neck and head to help reduce the torture and trouble caused by pregnancy, sciatica, fibromyalgia, gastric reflux, etc. This is just the beginning.
The pregnancy cushion has a structural shape that can change your spine and reduce the torture and pain caused by stress.
This maternity cushion can be 55 inches long, 27 inches wide, and 6 inches high. It is an ideal shape for your back, abdomen, legs and neck. Auxiliary cushion…no matter how you look at it
A different choice from maternity pillows-this full body cushion is perfect for anyone who needs more support, recovers from clinical methods, or is tired of using a separate cushion to normalize the head, neck, legs and back.
Now, try to use PharMeDoc U-shaped maternity pad without risk. Our lifetime guarantee and 100% satisfaction guarantee guarantee your work.
Replaced the prerequisites for different cushions

Our U-shaped body pad replaces the prerequisite of up to 5 unique pads. Support your head, neck, spine, abdomen, back, buttocks and legs

Use for multiple reasons

Place this cushion on the bed in different motions, relax the seat, lounge chair or even the floor!

Stomach and hip joint assist

Polyfill material provides perfect comfort and support for your stomach and buttocks

Material is too soft

Our whole body pregnancy pad is stacked with polyfill mixture, it is recommended that you provide sensitive comfort when applying weight and extend the auxiliary thickness. The cushion solidifies the fragile velvet smear, which is both overly sensitive and incredible.

Double stitch seams

We have been working hard to provide cushioning for most bodies, and one of the stability issues we found was that the fillings in the wrinkles were torn. This is why we double fold this foot pad to increase strength!

Machine washable lid

Our damp-proof pads are removable and machine washable for quick and direct cleaning. After more than 300 cleanings, the diffusion of the filler is now very sensitive.

The best pregnancy pillow

100% cotton jersey jacket
The ultimate pillow-C-shaped full-body cushion setting replaces the prerequisites of various mattresses and helps support the back, hips, knees, neck and head.
Multi-purpose maternity pillow-when you need to rest, read a book, monitor or sit in front of the TV, the adjustable filling material can adapt to your stomach and back
The third third pain? Our whole body pregnancy pad can help you enter an unparalleled state of rest, reduce resistance throughout the night and transfer pregnancy-related torture
A different choice from maternity pillows-this full body cushion is ideal for people who need more support, recover from the clinical system or are tired of using separate cushions to support their head, neck, legs and back.
Whole body support C type pregnancy pillow
Pregnancy should no longer be tortured by pulse torture!
Our full body pregnancy pads provide perfect consistency in comfort and sponsorship on stomach, hips, legs and back. When resting or even relaxing, confirm the common comfort.
You can use the mat in a similar way to check upright on the bed, sit in front of the TV or work on the PC. Also make an excellent nursing pad!
Material is too soft

Our full-body pregnancy cushions are filled with polyfill mixture, which provides greater thickness for fragile comfort when you apply weight

Double stitch seams

We have been working hard to cushion most bodies, and the consistent problem we found is cushioning tears in wrinkles. This is how we sew this kind of mat directly to increase the strength!

Machine washable lid

Our moisture-proof pads are detachable and machine washable for quick and basic cleaning. After more than 300 cleanings, the dispersion of the padding is fragile and satisfactory at all times.

Guys, support what I want you to know, this is an essential night I put down with the new PharMeDoc cushions (4.4 out of 5 stars), this is for non-pregnant people who are affected by evil More valuable and desolate reasons have changed people’s lives. The most important thing is that I don’t have to gather a stronghold for mothers-to-be with advertising capabilities around me, and I quickly rested safely. I also did not wake up in the focus of the night. No one else is worth $80. This cushion basically means that I legally place my head on the top twisted part and tuck the lower part of the “C” shape twisted part at its meeting point legally. Between the knees, and in heaven.

Since the first time I took a break, I took the spoon with a mammoth pad. I really have not suffered an ounce of torture. I stayed in a coma all night (obviously, it is easy to pee) the sacks are gone-thoughtful Yes, I can circle this cushion and use it to support my newborn baby! -All in all, I cannot be grateful logically.