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Can you sleep comfortably without a pillow?

Most people use pillows for comfort and support, and to improve sleep quality. Nowadays, because our necks are under a lot of pressure, it is actually recommended that most people use pillows while sleeping.

These are the two main reasons for the same:

Pillows help keep the spine in a neutral position.
Pillows can help you align your neck to the rest of your body while you sleep.
Another important thing to remember is that as far as pillows are concerned, this is not like a “one size fits all” situation. Different people sleep differently, so you need to remember your sleeping posture and other physical requirements when choosing a pillow.

If you sleep completely on your back, you can sleep without a pillow, but lying on your side is generally not recommended. When we sleep without pillows, our necks will sag, so we need a support to lift the neck and keep it in the best balance with the rest of the body. Pillows help keep the neck and spine aligned. Since most of us switch positions at night, it is always best to have a suitable pillow as support.

We recommend using a memory foam pillow with a neck brace. It can adjust the contours according to the shape of your head and neck to provide personalized support and help you experience restorative sleep.

Finally, some people sweat at night. Cool pillows are very helpful for their good sleep.

Therefore, if you see it, the use of pillows is a personal need. It is important to listen to your body and understand which body is best for you based on your sleeping posture and physical needs. High-quality and research-supported pillows can always help improve sleep quality.

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