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What are the uses of anime human pillows?

It is a body pillow, often covered with animated characters. These are usually called anime waifu, anime love pillows or anime human pillows, or just anime dakimakura. Not only are they super cute Japanese pillows, they can actually help relieve stress and enjoy the video more!

Pay close attention to this, what is the role of human pillows?

A body pillow is a long and narrow pillow, which is the embrace between your legs when you sleep next to you. The purpose of the body pillow is to improve the alignment of the spine and help relieve pressure points.

Also know, do men use body pillows? Both men and women can use body pillows. Unlike regular neck and head pillows, body pillows are long and can stretch to the entire body to support your thighs and arms. With a body pillow, you will not need multiple regular pillows to support the hips, back, neck and abdomen.

Also know, is it bad to have a body pillow?

Yes, what’s wrong with having the main body pillow. The pillows come in varieties and are designed to meet different needs. The right person will provide you with comfort and support, and avoid insomnia. It can even reduce back and shoulder pain.

Why do I hug myself when I sleep?

“Feel safe, before going to bed is the fundamental wave component of a good night relax sleep, and hug yourself for at least one minute, feel calm in bed tricks.” When we hug another person, our brain will release helpful For hormones that we feel good about, such as oxytocin and serotonin.

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What is the function of anime body pillow?

The human body is supported by many bones. Once a bone problem occurs, it will affect people’s lives. With the emergence of mobile phone parties, people’s shoulders and necks are severely damaged. There are many products on the market that can regulate people’s shoulders and necks. How to choose. Anime body pillow case, you can freely customize various styles. What is the function of anime body pillow? To improve the sleep treatment while conditioning the shoulders and neck, who needs to use the body pillow, let’s take a look at the editor.

  What is the function of anime pillow?

As a pillow,    Anime Body Pillow can not only improve people’s sleep state, but also improve sleep quality. At the same time, it can prevent, treat and improve some diseases. Anime body pillows are very useful for these diseases. For example: various cervical spondylosis, such as cervical spine hyperostosis, cervical disc degeneration, cervical spine physiological curve changes, etc.;

   There are also some diseases, such as: frozen shoulder, numbness of fingers, dizziness, tinnitus, high blood pressure, insomnia, unpleasant stiff vision and other symptoms. The magnetic therapy pillow can not only reduce snoring and improve sleep quality, but also maintain the health of friends and maximize head and neck comfort.

  Who needs to use anime body pillows?

In medicine, there is a disease called “magnetic deficiency syndrome”, which is actually a state of magnetic starvation. And the human body in this state for a long time will cause various diseases; the magnetic content in the blood of general young people is higher than that of the elderly. We can avoid these diseases by using magnetic therapy pillows. We have a research material. Among the options listed below, if it accounts for more than 3 items, it is magnetic hunger.

1.Tired by long hours of work;

2.Relax and relax at home;

3.Long-term depression and poor mental state;

4.Loyal fans of animation;

5.Frequent insomnia and poor sleep quality;

6.Patients with cervical spondylosis.

The above is a related introduction by the editor on “What is the effect of anime body pillows”. I believe everyone knows. Many people think that they are in good health now and do not need to be recuperated. In fact, this is not advisable. If you don’t pay attention to your health, you need to adjust your body in time to keep your body away from sub-health.

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2021 female character anime Dakimakura

One thing we like about anime is that it has many powerful and beautiful female characters. Their beauty, charm and power deeply attracted our hearts and kept us stuck to the screen for hours on end. For this reason, Anime Dakimakura decided to publish this list to list the most interesting, stupid and unique female characters from different anime series and video games. Although there are many female anime characters to choose from, we have selected some of the most popular anime fans.

1.”Overwatch”: D.Va Anime Dakimakura
D.Va is a former professional player and mecha pilot of a powerful and agile tank hero in Overwatch. In the “Overwatch” series, she is seen as participating in the special forces of her country to fight the devastating invasion of the huge omnic. D.Va’s mech has a dual-core fusion cannon, which can automatically fire and explode at a short distance. She can also use its boosters to break through obstacles and enemies, and even absorb attacks through her detachable projectile defense matrix. When D.Va is installed in an extremely sturdy mechanical suit, her strength is strongest, but once she is not wearing armor, she can still play a more aggressive role. If you are a loyal supporter of D.Va, please visit the Anime Dakimakura online store and order D.Va’s ergonomic sexy 3D mouse pad, D.Va anime bed blanket, duvet or Dakimakura pillowcase.

2.Version 2.2B of NieR: Automata Anime Dakimakura
Nier’s YoRHa is no. 2 Type B is also commonly referred to as 2B. 2B is the protagonist of the animated series. She is a YoRHa robot designed to fight against the life form machines that invade the planet. 2B is a multi-purpose combat android deployed as a member of the automatic YoRHa infantry. She is equipped with enough weapons for close combat. She can also use the Pod support system to attack from a range. 2B is a stable, more aggressive character. She is the perfect definition of taciturn blade. She does not tolerate small talk on trivial topics and is diligent in following the command system. However, as she approached 9S, she began to become more social and willing to participate in conversations. Sometimes, it is known that she will let her emotions interfere with her judgment. Figure 2B depicts the struggle between humans as they try to recapture the earth from invaders in another world because she was deployed by humans to fight on their behalf.

3.RWBY Blake Belladonna anime Dakimakura
Her voice actor Arryn Zech described Blake as “soft.” She shows a calm, introverted and serious character most of the time, but usually does not show the humorous side, such as dry wit and irony. Blake is a righteous person and respects the lives of others, whether they are Phonus or not. She strongly despises those who judge and discriminate based on racial prejudice. Blake was so vocal that he indirectly insulted Schnee Dust before its heiress and defended Faunus in any form.

4.Love Live Minami Kotori Japanese anime Dakimakura
Kotori Minami is Love Live! One of the nine main characters in the game. She is in the second year of Otonokizaka High School. When working in Akihabara, she was also known as the “Legend Maid Minalinsky”. Among all nine members, Kotori is also considered the most indecisive person, and her childhood friends Umi Sonoda and Honoka Kosaka often make decisions for her. It is also difficult for her to express her feelings, because she always considers the feelings of other people.

Some popular female character anime Dakimakura are listed above. In addition to these, there are many other popular characters, such as Fairy Tail’s Erza Scarlet, High School DxD’s Rias Gremory, Fate Grand Order’s Saber, etc. In the cover of your favorite anime series dakimakura, there is absolutely no problem finding the one you like best. Our anime dakimakura cover is made with the most advanced machinery and fully printed to meet your needs.

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Dakimakura pillow buying guide

When buying any product, always remember some practical points. The difference between Dakimakura and the body, please keep the following factors in mind:

Size: Dakimakura pillows are available in three sizes. Choose a pillow that fits your existing pillow or series. Always have a uniform size pillowcase, not all sizes, unless of course you have three sizes of “inner pillow” at the same time.
Fabric: There are 3 types of fabric for the pillow. These are discussed below:

Smooth knitting: As the name suggests, the smooth Dakimakura pillows are incredibly smooth and feel good to the touch. They are made of 100% polyester fabric and therefore have smoothness. Polyester can also ensure that the graphics and patterns printed on the fabric remain authentic even after multiple washings. The only problem is that the material can only be stretched in one way.

Soft velvet: This is one of the secondary choices of Dakimakura pillows. This is because even if velvet feels gorgeous, it cannot lay a good foundation for realistic printing. The soft velvet pillows look a little fuzzy and are easy to keep warm. Therefore, unless you don’t worry about heavy problems and don’t mind the blur of printing, it is recommended to choose other materials.

Peach skin: This is a low-key version of the silky knit material. It is also the most economical choice among Dakimakura pillows. Just like a smooth weave, the peach skin is made of 100% polyester. However, the quality of polyester is different. Peach skin pillows are also soft to the touch, but the fabric is not elastic at all. The printed matter works well, and it maintains its original appearance after continuous use. It is currently the most mainstream choice.

Two-way Tricot: This is the favorite choice of the Dakimakura community. The fabric used is extremely soft, silky smooth, soft to the touch, slightly shiny and excellent finish. It brings out the characters printed on it very vividly with high contrast, making it a favorite among all other fabrics. It is also very flexible and can be pulled in all directions.

Print: This is a very personal choice. You can print anything according to your needs. The printed matter can also be customized according to your personal preferences. In addition to the usual prints, since Dakimakura is also associated with the “love pillow” concept, you will also get a large selection of adults. You can also choose existing styles to buy, because animation pillows already belong to a very mature and rich industry, and already have very rich elements and styles.
Bed cover: Considering the adult elements related to Dakimakura pillows, it is recommended that you purchase pillow covers in advance. In this way, you can always pull them on the lid and protect them from accusations and prying eyes.
Price: Nowadays, you don’t have to buy from Japan. There are many land sites that provide anime body pillows. Amazon Mall also offers many styles to choose from. If you want to choose Dakimakura with low price and high quality, you can choose the website

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A guide to buying the first anime Dakimakura body pillow

In the animation industry, Dakimakuras seems to be a very embarrassing topic. Therefore, I will provide some buying tips and reasons for first time buyers.
Reasons to buy anime Dakimakura body pillow

Human beings are social animals, so for the few of us who are not men and women, we need a sense of comfort and companionship, and Dakimakura will achieve this goal. It’s better than having one of your favorite anime characters or an anime fan who has a crush on hugs and cuddles.

Back and body pain
As a person who suffers from many physical problems and has difficulty falling asleep due to severe body pain. I bought the first Dakimakura and found that it relieves pain, allows me to sleep all night and work better during the day.

Decorative purpose
If you want to turn your bedroom into an otaku paradise, dakimakura can be a great decoration. Having a real-size artwork that is almost the same as a life-size can really make your room and animation work stand out.

Uh! ………… Dirty reasons
Many of you may already know that many dakimakuras have semi-naked or completely undressed characters on the other side of the pillowcase. For the few who want to spend some time with an anime character, dakimakura is definitely for you. When it comes to the details in the artwork, the photos on the Internet do not make sense.
Tips for first-time buyers:

What size should I buy?
Anime Dakimakura body pillows appear in three main sizes: 100×35cm, 150×50cm, and 160×60cm. Even after sunbathing, they can also be made into various shapes and sizes according to the needs of users. The most standard size is 50x150cm, which is the size I will recommend for first-time buyers. Otherwise, there is 50x160cm.

Which fabric is better?
For the first purchase, Peach Skin is a cost-effective fabric for you to choose from. It has good durability, but almost no elasticity.
In winter, Super Soft Velvet can keep warm on cold nights, which is very suitable for winter.
Don’t want to wash Dakimakura often, Smooth Knit can prevent staining. Bright colors, never fade, not easy to blink.
When looking for the best fabric, it is strongly recommended to use 2 Way Tricot fabric. Super smooth and soft, very delicate when printing images.

How to clean?
When printing the product, please wash the printed material with cold water to preserve the color.
Do not use special chemicals to whiten clothes.
Dip your box or lid in cold water mixed with detergent, and then gently wash.
Let us keep soaking for 15 minutes. Then wash off the detergent with cold water.
Hang it in a suitable place to dry.
Do not let them come into direct contact with strong sunlight.

How to hide?
Purchase your anime Dakimakura pillow protector
Take out the pillowcase from inside the anime Dakimakura
Throw it under the bed
Throw her in the closet
Finally, you might be wondering where can I buy cheap and high-quality anime Dakimakura body pillows?
Great site to buy Dakimakuras from

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Dakimakura Pillow vs. Body Pillow

Although human pillows are used to define and explain the concept of Dakimakura pillows, there are very basic differences between the two products. They look very similar in size and shape, but the basic difference lies in their purpose. In places where body pillows are usually used for body support and comfort, Dakimakura pillows are emotional tools.

In the traditional sense, body pillows are orthopedic pillows or special pillows recommended by professional doctors, which can provide you with better spinal support. Use them after a physical injury to maintain the correct posture during sleep or under special medical conditions such as pregnancy. The basic purpose of a body pillow is body support.

On the other hand, Dakimakura pillows are purely for emotional support. They first came as anime derivative products and later used as comfort products, like your safety blanket or the plush bedspread you want to sink at night. They are different from the oversized teddy bear you want to sleep.

In addition to the obvious difference in intent of use between body pillows and Dakimakura pillows, their sizes are also different. There is no hard and fast rule on the size of the body pillow. They can have a variety of different sizes. However, Dakimakura pillows are traditionally only available in three sizes:

150x 50 cm
160x 50 cm
100x 35 cm
The size of Dakimakura pillows is important because they are designed to correspond to and relate to the anime theme of sports.

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hisoka full body pillow

Hisoka is one of the most popular hunters in the full-time hunter anime, with a distinctive outfit and super-high fighting skills.
Full-time Hunter” is a manga by Japanese cartoonist Yoshihiro Token. The work has been serialized irregularly in Japan’s Shueisha’s manga magazine “Weekly Shonen Jump” from March 16, 1998. The electronic version is serialized by Manfan comics; there are also TV animations, theater versions and video games of the same name adapted from the original work. And other peripheral media products.
The protagonist, Jay Frees, grew up on Whale Island, and he was accompanied by Aunt Mitte and Granny. He is cheerful and has the spirituality to communicate with animals. Because there is no father and no mother, Jie loves Aunt Mitte as his biological mother. Until the age of 9, Jie was rescued by a young man in the forest. Jie learned from his mouth that his father is still alive and that he is a hunter by profession. After persuading Aunt Mitte, Jie embarked on a journey to find his father alone. So Jie decided to become a hunter and started looking for his father from here. Relying on this kind of belief, I started the adventure journey, made friends during the journey, and continued to grow, which led to all subsequent stories and led to the wonderful world of hunters.
The most popular in the anime is Hisoka, and Hisoka is a master magician who participated in the hunter experiment with Xiaojie and others. After he got the hunter’s license, he made a noise in the sky arena, and then joined the Phantom Brigade in Youkexin City. He does not intend to engage in hunter activities, just enjoy the fun of fighting with masters. With his strong fighting talent and militant personality, hisoka showed his most memorable fighting scenes in the anime.

For this reason, we specially designed the same hisoka full body pillow, which perfectly restores the classic image of hisoka.

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What body pillow is comfortable to sleep on? What pillow is of good quality

Dakimakura, as an important bedding, have always attracted people’s attention. Because people’s demand for pillows is becoming stricter and stricter, we can see more and more pillows for different purposes appearing, but there are still many people who have doubts about which pillow to choose. After all, different pillows are suitable for different people. So let’s take a look at what pillows can meet everyone’s requirements.

What body pillow is comfortable to sleep on  

  We must first understand the structure of the pillow. Pillows are generally composed of two parts: pillow core and pillowcase. It is a kind of sleep tool. It is generally believed that a pillow is a stuffing used by people for sleep comfort. In order to protect the normal physiological bending of the neck and maintain normal physiological activities during sleep, people use pillows last. I don’t know if you guys know the memory pillow. The memory pillow is made of high-density, shock-absorbing, and breathable memory technology cotton, which can fully sense the weight and temperature characteristics of the human body. Using the temperature sensing sink can simulate the body shape and fully support each part, so that users can also enjoy Stress-free comfort. Unique temperature sensing effect, comfortable and soft touch and uniform and complete support, allowing you to completely relax your head during sleep. Whether you sleep on your back or side, you can maintain the most natural head posture, and it can avoid stiff pillows, neck and shoulders. Muscle fatigue and soreness. Memory is more conducive to the health of the cervical spine.

   Feather pillows have always been very soft. Down has excellent softness, heat preservation and elasticity. It is not only light in texture and good in fit, but also has rich moisture absorption and release properties, so it will not feel stuffy when used. A good down pillow has good bulkiness, will not be deformed due to a long time of use, and has the advantages of light weight, breathability, and no stuffiness. But it is not easy to clean, and some people are allergic to down. The composition ratio of down and feather branches will affect the softness and hardness of the pillow. Therefore, you can choose the type according to the instructions on the pillow when choosing. If you like to sleep with a little height, it is recommended to buy 2 pillows with different softness and hardness for matching , Put a hard pillow underneath to get the most comfortable sleeping angle.

What anime body pillow is of good quality

  The quality of buckwheat pillow is very good. The pillow core is made of buckwheat husk, which is traditionally used in folk. The pillows are filled with economical and affordable buckwheat hulls, mung bean hulls, millet, silkworm excrement, etc., which will have a certain effect on preventing cervical spondylosis. What kind of pillow is good? The buckwheat husk is light in weight and has a tough and non-breakable diamond structure. As a pillow core, it can change shape with the movement of the head, and it is warm in winter and cool in summer. But the disadvantage is that it is not suitable for cleaning, it is best to dry it in the sun regularly.

   Cassia pillows are also liked by many people. For external use as a pillow, raw cassia seeds are used and packed in a cloth bag to make a pillow. Cassia seeds are slightly cold in nature and have a slight green grass fragrance. Sleeping on their pillows smells like sleeping in the grass. Its seeds are hard and can massage acupuncture points on the head and neck, so it has an auxiliary effect on headache, dizziness, insomnia, cerebral arteriosclerosis, cervical spondylosis, etc. caused by hyperactivity of liver yang. What kind of pillow is good? Cassia seed has many uses for natural physiotherapy, and it is also widely used in lowering blood pressure, laxative, weight loss and other fields.    I believe everyone now knows which anime body pillow are of good quality and which pillows are more comfortable. In fact, the choice of pillows really varies from person to person. It does not mean that soft pillows are more comfortable, nor that soft pillows are not good. You can consult a doctor and choose a pillow that fits your body. In order to get enough protection for sleep.

The most popular anime body pillow has many styles on Etsy. Of course, you can choose our customsep to customize your own style.

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Who is the anime body pillow suitable for?

The pillow is our closest partner when we sleep, but if this intimate partner is used improperly, it will affect our health. For this reason, experts suggested that if you want to have a healthy sleep, it is best to check whether your pillow is suitable.
However, it also depends on the pillow. In clinical practice, many patients with stiff neck are caused by sleeping too high a pillow. If you sleep on a pillow that is too high, it will change the normal physiological curvature of the cervical spine, causing muscle fatigue damage and ligament stretch strain, resulting in cramps, inflammation, etc., and symptoms such as neck and shoulder pain, hand numbness, dizziness and other symptoms. Clinically, high pillow is one of the common causes of stiff neck and cervical spondylosis. Low pillows make the blood supply unbalanced. High pillows are not good. Is it better to use low pillows or not use pillows at all? Director Lu said that low pillows or not using pillows are also bad for health.
Some people who suffer from cervical spondylosis think that it is beneficial to recover without a pillow. In fact, this idea is unscientific. Without pillows, people tend to lean back too much when lying on their backs, and they are easy to open their mouths to breathe, which can cause dry mouth, dry tongue, sore throat and snoring. If you lie on your side without pillows, the neck muscles on one side will also cause cramps and pain due to excessive stretching and fatigue, resulting in “stiff neck”. Combining the above elements, we recommend using pillows that are as comfortable as hotel pillows. Dakimakura has been specializing in down products for more than 30 years. The products have been supplied to major five-star hotels. Choose Customsep Dakimakura to give you a good sleep. What is an anime pillow case of dozens of dollars? Summer is the hot season for down bedding products. The excellent comfort characteristics of down, the extraordinary moisture-wicking function, and its refreshing and soft feel are loved by customers in summer. However, there are many quality differences in the down sales market at this stage. Qi, fish in troubled waters, etc. Because customers do not have much knowledge of this type of down, and some characteristics of down are similar to fibers, it is very easy to be cheated. Down is a high-end filler, but you spent tens of dollars, but you bought a product filled with purified fiber, it is very easy to skin discomfort in summer. At present, many Dakimakura on the market are shouting the down flag, the specific composition will be a little down and more than half of the chemical fiber; there is also one thing that must be paid attention to: the down is not necessarily down, it may also be down, duck down, etc. Buy anime body pillow cases.

Down is pure natural goose down, which has a higher degree of warmth, while duck down has a lower degree of warmth. The maximum temperature of 1500G duck down is -29 degrees, and the minimum temperature of 1500G goose down is -40 degrees. Duck is an omnivorous animal. Duck is an omnivorous animal. There is a fishy smell in the velvet. Goose is a herbivore and there is no peculiar smell in the down. Therefore, to choose down products in summer, you must have a long heart, and you don’t have to be greedy for a while. As a high-end filling material in bedding, anime body pillows are unlikely to have tens or one or two hundred yuan. Why do boys’ pillows turn yellow and get dirty easily? Why is it recommended to use anime body pillows? There are many unsolved mysteries in the world, inexplicable.
But there is a puzzle that bothers many people. Why do boys always have yellow pillows and girls have 10,000 question marks? Obviously boys wash their hair more diligently, almost every day, girls wash their hair every few days, but girls’ pillows are fragrant, boys’ pillows will turn yellow, and the bed sheets can also be in human form. What is the reason for this?
The same pillow, girls are clean and fragrant, and boys are shiny and yellow. They say that girls are made of water. Is it possible that boys are made of oil?
Even a cool handsome guy or an overbearing CEO can’t escape the fate of a yellow pillow. It’s not just pillows but also shirts and towels. Boys are legendary sexy oils!
In fact, there are many reasons that cause the pillow to turn yellow. Men have higher levels of androgens and sebum secretion rate is 4 times that of women. And sebum itself is a kind of light yellow liquid, the composition is more complicated, some of the ingredients, such as squalene can make the pillow yellow. In addition, male sweat glands are more developed, and acidic components in sweat will also make pillows yellow. Add some saliva, dandruff and pillows are more likely to yellow. So, don’t blame boys for being “greasy”~ How can it be avoided? To use pillowcases, wash and replace them frequently, so as to prevent the pillowcases from turning yellow quickly. I believe everyone has seen the benefits of using pillows. Choosing anime body pillows will give you a healthier sleep.

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Who is the Japanese anime body pillow suitable for?

Since Japanese anime body pillows became popular in China, some people have begun to plan to replace their pillows at home. First, with the encouragement of media advertisements, consumers are also eager to try anime pillows, and the second is Japanese anime body pillows. It brings a good sleep quality to the user, and the latter is more convincing. The rise of anime body pillows is not accidental. In the last century, latex bedding has been used abroad. At that time, natural latex was certified by scientists as the most ideal bedding filling.

Judging from the animation pillow brands on the market, the popularity of latex bedding has been increasing, because there are still an endless stream of latex brands joining the market, but the emergence of this phenomenon, on the one hand, gives consumers more choices. But on the other hand, many fake and low-quality natural latex brands are also participating in the market, consumers should keep their eyes open~

The styles of animation body pillows are also very diverse. Perhaps some people have only seen a few types of animation body pillows, but the pillows are: high and low pillows, particle pillows, negative ion pillows, beauty pillows, cervical pillows, shoulder pillows, bamboo charcoal Pillows, baby pillows, anti-mite pillows, European pillows… and many other types of pillows, today we will not introduce all the pillows one by one, let’s talk about Dakimakura first.

Dakimakura, as the name suggests, is that the height of the pillow is inconsistent, one side is high and the other is low. Dakimakura uses a unique arc design. The professional curve structure closely fits the physiological characteristics of the shoulders and neck. The design of this structure is designed to maximize the area of ​​our body contacting the pillow, so that the pressure on the neck and shoulders can have more The stress-bearing part can release the pressure quickly and relieve the soreness of the neck and shoulder muscles. There are two heights for consumers to choose, the height is about 7CM-12CM, which is in line with the scientific sleep pillow height. If you like a high pillow, choose the high side, and if you like a low pillow, choose the low side.

The natural latex texture is elastic and soft, and it feels like an elastic marshmallow to touch. It is comfortable and soft. The natural tens of thousands of small pores are like pores in the skin. The free breathing allows the air to circulate fully and the body pillow It is transparent and refreshing, not sultry, no need to worry about being embarrassed by pillows in the hot summer, it can be served all year round, and there is no need to think about changing pillows when changing seasons. As an excellent anti-mite ingredient, natural latex plays a role in pillows, and it can satisfy some people with cleanliness. The advantage of not producing noise is most desired by sensitive sleepers. For those who are most afraid of waking up in the middle of the night and unable to fall asleep, sleep noise is really present like a devil, but with anime body pillows, the mute is turned on all night. mode!

For people with high and low pillows, the ingenious design structure is suitable for most people. Regardless of whether you have insomnia or not, high and low pillows are a good purchase choice. After using the animation body pillow, you will gradually realize that having a good sleep is so easy, and after long-term use, the neck and shoulder muscles My soreness will be slightly relieved, and the physical pain of working during the day can be released safely and healthily during sleep, which is also a kind of happiness!

The advent of every new thing will attract a while. Only hard-core strength and public recognition can make new things last long. Natural animation body pillows follow the original aspirations and make good quality. Word of mouth is left to the public for judgment. So dare! Health is the most important thing in our life. Sleep health is also a part that cannot be ignored. I hope that more people can truly have a good sleep.