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2021 female character anime Dakimakura

One thing we like about anime is that it has many powerful and beautiful female characters. Their beauty, charm and power deeply attracted our hearts and kept us stuck to the screen for hours on end. For this reason, Anime Dakimakura decided to publish this list to list the most interesting, stupid and unique female characters from different anime series and video games. Although there are many female anime characters to choose from, we have selected some of the most popular anime fans.

1.”Overwatch”: D.Va Anime Dakimakura
D.Va is a former professional player and mecha pilot of a powerful and agile tank hero in Overwatch. In the “Overwatch” series, she is seen as participating in the special forces of her country to fight the devastating invasion of the huge omnic. D.Va’s mech has a dual-core fusion cannon, which can automatically fire and explode at a short distance. She can also use its boosters to break through obstacles and enemies, and even absorb attacks through her detachable projectile defense matrix. When D.Va is installed in an extremely sturdy mechanical suit, her strength is strongest, but once she is not wearing armor, she can still play a more aggressive role. If you are a loyal supporter of D.Va, please visit the Anime Dakimakura online store and order D.Va’s ergonomic sexy 3D mouse pad, D.Va anime bed blanket, duvet or Dakimakura pillowcase.

2.Version 2.2B of NieR: Automata Anime Dakimakura
Nier’s YoRHa is no. 2 Type B is also commonly referred to as 2B. 2B is the protagonist of the animated series. She is a YoRHa robot designed to fight against the life form machines that invade the planet. 2B is a multi-purpose combat android deployed as a member of the automatic YoRHa infantry. She is equipped with enough weapons for close combat. She can also use the Pod support system to attack from a range. 2B is a stable, more aggressive character. She is the perfect definition of taciturn blade. She does not tolerate small talk on trivial topics and is diligent in following the command system. However, as she approached 9S, she began to become more social and willing to participate in conversations. Sometimes, it is known that she will let her emotions interfere with her judgment. Figure 2B depicts the struggle between humans as they try to recapture the earth from invaders in another world because she was deployed by humans to fight on their behalf.

3.RWBY Blake Belladonna anime Dakimakura
Her voice actor Arryn Zech described Blake as “soft.” She shows a calm, introverted and serious character most of the time, but usually does not show the humorous side, such as dry wit and irony. Blake is a righteous person and respects the lives of others, whether they are Phonus or not. She strongly despises those who judge and discriminate based on racial prejudice. Blake was so vocal that he indirectly insulted Schnee Dust before its heiress and defended Faunus in any form.

4.Love Live Minami Kotori Japanese anime Dakimakura
Kotori Minami is Love Live! One of the nine main characters in the game. She is in the second year of Otonokizaka High School. When working in Akihabara, she was also known as the “Legend Maid Minalinsky”. Among all nine members, Kotori is also considered the most indecisive person, and her childhood friends Umi Sonoda and Honoka Kosaka often make decisions for her. It is also difficult for her to express her feelings, because she always considers the feelings of other people.

Some popular female character anime Dakimakura are listed above. In addition to these, there are many other popular characters, such as Fairy Tail’s Erza Scarlet, High School DxD’s Rias Gremory, Fate Grand Order’s Saber, etc. In the cover of your favorite anime series dakimakura, there is absolutely no problem finding the one you like best. Our anime dakimakura cover is made with the most advanced machinery and fully printed to meet your needs.

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Dakimakura Pillow vs. Body Pillow

Although human pillows are used to define and explain the concept of Dakimakura pillows, there are very basic differences between the two products. They look very similar in size and shape, but the basic difference lies in their purpose. In places where body pillows are usually used for body support and comfort, Dakimakura pillows are emotional tools.

In the traditional sense, body pillows are orthopedic pillows or special pillows recommended by professional doctors, which can provide you with better spinal support. Use them after a physical injury to maintain the correct posture during sleep or under special medical conditions such as pregnancy. The basic purpose of a body pillow is body support.

On the other hand, Dakimakura pillows are purely for emotional support. They first came as anime derivative products and later used as comfort products, like your safety blanket or the plush bedspread you want to sink at night. They are different from the oversized teddy bear you want to sleep.

In addition to the obvious difference in intent of use between body pillows and Dakimakura pillows, their sizes are also different. There is no hard and fast rule on the size of the body pillow. They can have a variety of different sizes. However, Dakimakura pillows are traditionally only available in three sizes:

150x 50 cm
160x 50 cm
100x 35 cm
The size of Dakimakura pillows is important because they are designed to correspond to and relate to the anime theme of sports.

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Pillows are not used to rest your head! 3 key points you need to know when choosing a pillow

About one-third of a person’s life is spent in sleep, and pillows are a good partner that most people can’t live without.

However, many people have problems with the way they sleep on pillows.

I don’t sleep well at night, and I don’t wake up well…

Before talking about pillows, let us take a look at the physiological characteristics of the human head and neck.

Pillows are not used to rest your head! 3 key points you need to know when choosing a pillow

The human spine is not straight and straight, but has 4 physiological curves, among which the neck has a slightly forward curvature, which is called “neck curve”.

When we lay flat on the bed…

Pillows are not used to rest your head! 3 key points you need to know when choosing a pillow

see it? The neck is supported by pillows.

Improper pillows and no pillows will affect the curvature of the cervical spine, making you more uncomfortable as you sleep…

Pillow, most people get the wrong pillow

Regarding pillows, there are 4 common mistakes:

  1. Pillow is too high

Some people like to sleep with a higher pillow and feel comfortable.

In fact, sit back and relax.

A pillow that is too high will affect the health of the cervical spine, because… you have been passively keeping your head down.

Pillows are not used to rest your head! 3 key points you need to know when choosing a pillow

  1. The pillow is too low

Some people like low pillows, or straight pillows, which will put the neck in a state of excessive extension.

Sleeping like this can easily affect the respiratory system, causing problems such as mouth breathing and snoring.

Pillows are not used to rest your head! 3 key points you need to know when choosing a pillow

  1. The pillow is too narrow

This kind of pillow will not harm the health of the cervical spine, but its problem is that you will change your posture when you sleep at night.

If you don’t sleep honestly and the pillow is not wide enough, change it…

Just fell

Pillows are not used to rest your head! 3 key points you need to know when choosing a pillow

You thought you used a pillow, but you didn’t actually sleep on the pillow.

In short, if the pillow is too high/too low/too narrow…

Overnight, not only do you have a bad rest, but you may also experience neck stiffness and pain.

Pillows are not used to rest your head! 3 key points you need to know when choosing a pillow

However, none of the above is the most critical.

Regarding pillows, an important mistake many people make is…

  1. Pillow your “head”

This is not talking about tongue twisters.

As mentioned earlier, the cervical spine is curved and needs pillows to support it.

If you use a pillow to rest your head while sleeping, your head will feel comfortable, but the cervical spine will lose support.

The most critical function of a pillow is not to pillow the “head”, but to pillow the neck!

It is best to support the back of the head, neck, and shoulders at the same time.

Pillows are not used to rest your head! 3 key points you need to know when choosing a pillow

After considering the height, width and posture, I suggest you choose a pillow like this…

3 key points for choosing a pillow
  1. When lying flat, the place where the pillow supports the head is about a fist height (5-7 cm), and the part that supports the neck should be about 3-5 cm higher.

Pillows are not used to rest your head! 3 key points you need to know when choosing a pillow

  1. If you like to lie on your side, the pillow should be a little harder. The height of the pillow should be the width of one shoulder to ensure that the pillow can fill the gap between the ear and the shoulder.

Pillows are not used to rest your head! 3 key points you need to know when choosing a pillow

  1. In order to ensure that the head does not fall off the pillow, the width of the pillow should be at least 1.5 times the shoulder width.

Pillows are not used to rest your head! 3 key points you need to know when choosing a pillow

Of course it’s okay to be wider, as long as your bed is big enough…

As for the material of the pillow, you can choose a well-shaped pillow, or use a regular elastic pillow, take out some cotton and other fillings to adjust the support and height, and then add a small buckwheat pillow to the back of the neck to fine-tune the support. Have a good night’s sleep.

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The first Dakimakura owned by young people

For young people nowadays, it may not necessarily go to bed early every day, but they must be comfortable to sleep. Recently, Huawei Mall is testing a Dakimakura, and I, a health expert, must not miss it.

Everyone knows that although we young people are young, because of long-term desk games and mobile phones, in fact, many people’s cervical spine is not very good. Correct sleeping position is a prerequisite to ensure that the cervical spine can return to normal, but it is also very important to protect the cervical spine in daily life. After sitting for half an hour, you should get up and walk, massage the cervical spine, stretch the waist, stop working to relax the stiff cervical spine, massage the cervical spine can relax the neck muscles. In addition to paying attention to the posture when working, we should also choose a pillow that suits us when we sleep.

Then someone will ask, what kind of pillow is an excellent pillow? Alex checked the relevant information, um, it was Baidu for a long time. Of course, he also asked Ma Ma, a doctor, and got the following answer.

Pillow An ideal pillow should meet the physiological curvature requirements of the cervical spine, with soft texture and good air permeability. Pillows should not be too high or too low, do not “sit back and relax” and use the physiological position as the best. From a medical point of view, the height of the pillow is preferably 8-10 cm, and the maximum height should not exceed 15 cm. It should be the same width as the shoulders. It cannot be sloped. When lying on the side, the head does not bend sideways. The rough standard is the pillow height when lying on the back. About one punch, the pillow height should be one punch and two fingers.

Dangdang, let’s show you our excellent pillows today. This pillow is really particular about it. I bought it during the public test on Huawei Mall. Everyone knows that most of the pillows we buy are only pillow cores. , But this sleep-enjoying smart health pillow comes with a pillow towel, isn’t it great?

This is a Dakimakura. Most people should have heard of this term to buy anime body pillow. The first time I heard that it was Dakimakura in Japan, I said that everyone who travels to Japan must buy anime body pillow case and latex mattress. Yes, the quality is very good, of course, the price is not cheap, so in my opinion, anime pillow is very expensive, but this time Huawei Mall will bring you a surprise. The ultra-low price can give you A Dakimakura.

Let’s take a look at the surprise of this pillow in detail

1.Imported from Japan Dakimakur
As I said above, everyone said that Japanese pillow craftsmanship is particularly good. Of course, the good foundation must be the raw materials, because Japan’s climatic conditions and geographical location are very suitable for the growth of natural latex, from manual rubber tapping to poor production. For more than 24 hours, the inner core of the sleeping pillow is also imported from Thailand. Does everyone feel very profitable?

2.Bring a sense of sleep in the cloud
Because the latex content of this pillow is as high as 93%, it makes the pillow soft and hard. Under pressure, it will adapt to everyone’s neck curve deformation, find the most suitable supporting form to support the head and neck, and distribute the pressure on the contact surface . Everyone knows that we have to choose a pillow with moderate hardness to bring comfort to our necks. This pillow is like this.

3.Comfortable and breathable, sleep well all night
It’s getting more and more summer now. People like me who are afraid of heat have turned on the air-conditioning mode. I don’t know if you will experience profuse sweating when you are sleeping, but if you get hot, the pillows will get wet. Yes, sleeping is really uncomfortable, but this pillow, because it is natural latex, will naturally form thousands of honeycomb structure grooves during the processing process, which can help to quickly remove the body’s waste heat and moisture and avoid Hot and humid.

4.Effectively inhibit mites
Everyone knows that mites are ubiquitous in the house, and bedding products are the places where mites breed the most. Like us at home, we need to remove mites every once in a while, but many people don’t pay attention. Yes, this pillow is made of graphene technology pillowcase + 93% natural latex pillow core, which can effectively inhibit the breeding of mites and bacteria, and protect everyone’s skin.

5.APP control, sleep quality is clear at a glance
Many times, we don’t know the quality of our own sleep. Just like others say you snorted when you sleep, but never admit it, this pillow will record your sleeping conditions in detail, such as restlessness, easy sleep Waking up, I recorded it clearly for you. I thought my sleep quality was good, but later I found out that my sleep quality was not as good as I thought.

In the future, I will insist on using this pillow to go to bed early to see if my sleep quality has improved.

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The cervical spine is not good, what sleeping position is appropriate? What kind of custom pillow meets health standards?

Cervical spondylosis is actually very common in life, and bad cervical spondylosis is caused by bad living habits. If we keep our head down often, it will also affect the health of our cervical spine. What is not easy to adopt for cervical spine? This kind of sleeping method is the best and suitable. What kind of body pillow can I choose to meet the health standards?

On the one hand, it may be because of excessive stress, tightness and anxiety. When this state is brought to sleep, the quality of natural sleep will also decline, and you may often suffer from insomnia. On the other hand, It’s the problem of sleeping itself. Is your sleeping posture correct? Did you choose the right pillow? Especially many office workers and some middle-aged and elderly people have poor cervical vertebrae. One is sedentary. One is that the body’s functions are declining. If the sleeping posture is wrong and the pillow is wrong, it may not be easy to sleep until dawn.

First of all, what kind of sleeping position is good for the cervical spine?

From a medical point of view, maintaining the normal physiological lordosis of the cervical spine during sleep is the best way to meet the physiological requirements of the cervical spine. In this case, when you fall asleep, the neck muscles, lumbar discs and ligaments will be relatively normal. And the rest state of the way, people’s sleep quality will naturally be better. The human spine looks like a straight line from the front, but its side has a physiological curve. If the sleeping posture is not correct, the pressure on the neck and lumbar discs will increase, and you will not sleep well.

The correct sleeping posture should be: It is better to have both lower limbs slightly flexed, which can reduce the pressure in the intervertebral space, relax the paravertebral muscles, and get the most adequate rest time, and the muscles, lumbar discs and passing through the neck Organs, nerves and other tissues and organs can also get better ways and rest.

Some correct sleeping positions, the choice and use of pillows and pillowcases cannot be ignored. If there are more pillows that are not suitable for you, it is easy to induce pain in the neck, shoulders, and lumbar spine. The back of the human head protrudes backwards, and the shape of the cervical spine also has an obvious lordosis. The pillow should be able to accommodate the acupuncture points for headrest and support the lordosis of the neck so that the neck muscles can In a state of relaxation, sleep better.

Secondly, what kind of animation body pillow is considered to meet the health standards?

First, the often-saying of peace of mind is not true. If the pillow is too high, the head will be forced to be in a forced flexion position, and the soft tissues waiting for a long time will be in the drafting counter, which will easily cause chronic fatigue, relaxation and damage to the soft tissues, and the stability of the cervical spine will also be destroyed; and At the same time, if the pillow is too high, it will also increase the tortuosity of the vertebral artery into the cranial cavity, and may also cause insufficient blood supply to the brain, reducing sleep quality is light, and inducing cervical spondylosis is too cost-effective.Similarly, often sleeping with a low pillow is not good, and it will also cause abnormal curvature of the cervical spine. When sleeping with a low pillow, gravity can slow down the backflow of the meridians in the brain, and the arterial blood supply is relatively increased. Head swelling and headaches are prone to occur, which affects the quality of sleep. When lying on your back, the height of your pillow is most suitable for the height of your own fist; when lying on your side, it is most suitable for your shoulder width. People with high blood pressure and asthma sometimes need to sleep with a slightly higher pillow; people with low blood pressure and anemia sometimes need to sleep with a lower pillow.

Second, the hardness of the pillow core should be moderate, and the air permeability should be better. Pillows made of buckwheat husks and rice husks are better. In comparison, pillows made of vacuum noodles and ordinary sponges have poor air permeability. Like some latex pillows on the market, the real ones do not contain synthetic rubber, do not contain harmful substances such as styrene, formaldehyde, and have no peculiar smell. Real natural latex pillows must be carefully identified.

We all know that when the cervical spine is particularly bad, it will definitely affect our health and may even cause some complications. So everyone must pay more attention to the cervical spine. If it is particularly bad, you can sleep on the left side. In choosing pillows, you should pay more attention to choosing the one that suits you. This will cause cervical spine problems.

At present, many of us choose to buy their favorite products online, Amazon, eBay. These are the website platforms we are most familiar with. Online shopping is becoming more and more secure and reliable. Most of the products in our mall are sold at wholesale prices, you can buy with confidence,

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5 ways to use pillows

Some people say who can’t sleep on a pillow? In fact, there are many tricks. If the pillow is not right, it will make the neck uncomfortable. Today I will teach you some practical tips on pillows.

Pillow must be up to the neck

You can test yourself. When you lie down, if the lowest part of your chin is facing the sky, it means the pillow is too low. If your chin is pressed down, the pillow is too high. The chin should be kept level for a comfortable and correct pillow height.

It’s best not to sleep on a hard bed

For example, some parents think that when their children sleep on a hard bed, the bones will grow upright. In fact, the flesh of the human body’s hips, waist, and shoulders is somewhat different. The rigid bed will prevent the curve of the body from sticking to the surface of the bed, so that it is impossible to relax and rest, uncomfortable and unhealthy.

Learn to cushion pillow

Many people are accustomed to not using pillows. When sleeping, their heads will be tilted back, and the pressure on the cervical spine will be twice as high as when they are tilted forward. Over time, problems will definitely occur. The height of the pillow can be lower for young people, and higher for older people, because the softness of the cervical spine will change with age. The older you get, the more rigid you need more support.

The relationship between sleeping position and pillow

In normal sleep, the pillow should fit from the entire head to the neck, not to the shoulders, and not only to the back of the head. A small pillow should be placed under the knee; when sleeping on the side, the height should be doubled. Put a small pillow between your knees; sleep on your stomach is best avoided because the cervical spine will be exposed to too much pressure; when you get up, remember to posture on your side first, hold your hands up, and then get out of bed. Don’t just sit up straight on your back.

Change position

No matter how correct the posture is, it is not appropriate to fix it for too long. It must be changed after a long time. You must turn over when you sleep. If you sit for a long time, you must stand up and move to maintain your spine.

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Who is the Japanese anime body pillow suitable for?

Since Japanese anime body pillows became popular in China, some people have begun to plan to replace their pillows at home. First, with the encouragement of media advertisements, consumers are also eager to try anime pillows, and the second is Japanese anime body pillows. It brings a good sleep quality to the user, and the latter is more convincing. The rise of anime body pillows is not accidental. In the last century, latex bedding has been used abroad. At that time, natural latex was certified by scientists as the most ideal bedding filling.

Judging from the animation pillow brands on the market, the popularity of latex bedding has been increasing, because there are still an endless stream of latex brands joining the market, but the emergence of this phenomenon, on the one hand, gives consumers more choices. But on the other hand, many fake and low-quality natural latex brands are also participating in the market, consumers should keep their eyes open~

The styles of animation body pillows are also very diverse. Perhaps some people have only seen a few types of animation body pillows, but the pillows are: high and low pillows, particle pillows, negative ion pillows, beauty pillows, cervical pillows, shoulder pillows, bamboo charcoal Pillows, baby pillows, anti-mite pillows, European pillows… and many other types of pillows, today we will not introduce all the pillows one by one, let’s talk about Dakimakura first.

Dakimakura, as the name suggests, is that the height of the pillow is inconsistent, one side is high and the other is low. Dakimakura uses a unique arc design. The professional curve structure closely fits the physiological characteristics of the shoulders and neck. The design of this structure is designed to maximize the area of ​​our body contacting the pillow, so that the pressure on the neck and shoulders can have more The stress-bearing part can release the pressure quickly and relieve the soreness of the neck and shoulder muscles. There are two heights for consumers to choose, the height is about 7CM-12CM, which is in line with the scientific sleep pillow height. If you like a high pillow, choose the high side, and if you like a low pillow, choose the low side.

The natural latex texture is elastic and soft, and it feels like an elastic marshmallow to touch. It is comfortable and soft. The natural tens of thousands of small pores are like pores in the skin. The free breathing allows the air to circulate fully and the body pillow It is transparent and refreshing, not sultry, no need to worry about being embarrassed by pillows in the hot summer, it can be served all year round, and there is no need to think about changing pillows when changing seasons. As an excellent anti-mite ingredient, natural latex plays a role in pillows, and it can satisfy some people with cleanliness. The advantage of not producing noise is most desired by sensitive sleepers. For those who are most afraid of waking up in the middle of the night and unable to fall asleep, sleep noise is really present like a devil, but with anime body pillows, the mute is turned on all night. mode!

For people with high and low pillows, the ingenious design structure is suitable for most people. Regardless of whether you have insomnia or not, high and low pillows are a good purchase choice. After using the animation body pillow, you will gradually realize that having a good sleep is so easy, and after long-term use, the neck and shoulder muscles My soreness will be slightly relieved, and the physical pain of working during the day can be released safely and healthily during sleep, which is also a kind of happiness!

The advent of every new thing will attract a while. Only hard-core strength and public recognition can make new things last long. Natural animation body pillows follow the original aspirations and make good quality. Word of mouth is left to the public for judgment. So dare! Health is the most important thing in our life. Sleep health is also a part that cannot be ignored. I hope that more people can truly have a good sleep.

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What pillow is suitable for workers who have bowed their heads for a long time, recommended by the conscience of senior cervical spondylosis editors

As a 26-year-old worker who likes to raise the cervical spine arch, and is forced by life to change his long-term desk, I think I still have the right to talk about today’s topic-long-term bowing leads to cervical discomfort and sleep. What pillow can relieve cervical fatigue~

Maybe there are young friends who don’t know what is called “cervical vertebrae arch”. Simply put, the cervical spine itself has its own curvature. Because of long-term desks and bows, some people’s curvature is gone. This is called “cervical stiffness”; If you continue to bow your head at the desk, the curvature will be reversed, which is called “anti bow”.

What are the disadvantages of the cervical spine arch?

But there are too many. First of all, it may accompany the problem of looking forward. From then on, the swan neck is a luxury, lack of temperament, and long double chin! In severe cases, it will compress the nerves, causing dizziness, headache, nausea, hand numbness and other uncomfortable symptoms, affecting normal life.

At present, there is basically no cure for cervical rigidity and anti-arch. 99% of doctors say that you should go back to your daily maintenance and teach you to do cervical spine health exercises. You must standardize your sitting posture. Wear your collar to keep warm in winter and prevent it from changing. Serious is victory.

In the daily maintenance process, pillows are very important. If the pillow is not good, the neck is absolutely stiff the next day. Since I learned that I was sick with cervical spondylosis, I have been very keen to change pillows. As long as my neck feels uncomfortable, I will change pillows. I will buy a lot of pillows one after another, and the head of the bed can hardly fit ↓

According to the doctor’s advice: sleep on short pillows, do a good job of cervical spine stretching, and lie on your back as much as possible. Xiaoqijun recommends the following pillows:

  1. Cylindrical pillows for stretching

The principle is actually very simple, it is to lower your head for a long time, and lie on it to force you to lift your head for a while to perform physical stretching. Sleeping on the pillow for 10 minutes every night will really make your head clearer.

You can also consider this kind of hot compress function, hot compress can really help the cervical spine muscles relax, which is of great help to relieve fatigue.

  1. Low latex pillows, memory pillows

Latex pillows and memory pillows have very good support, and it is not easy to breed mites and bacteria after a long time. The most common two pillow shapes are wavy, with a height of 10cm on one side and 8cm on the other. Ordinary people are fine, but for people with bad cervical spine (especially girls), it is a little bit taller, and the neck is easily empty when the head is in the wrong position.

In addition, my personal experience is that the high and low pillows are only suitable for the high side, and the short side lie on it because the back is high and the back of the head feels dragged up. Although the neck height is appropriate, the neck will still be stressed. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone buy a special pillow with a low overall height.

  1. Partition neck pillow

This kind of pillow is more suitable for people who are used to sleeping on the side. Many pillows can now be adjusted in height according to the amount of filling, making it easier for everyone to find the most suitable pillow height.

Real-time price was updated 11 hours ago to buy
The most popular stuffing is the hose, which is washable, has good support, and is adjustable. But be sure to choose a big brand, the material of the hose determines the service life, and a quality bargain with ordinary straws is definitely not good.

And pillows are not like other products. I say that everyone feels good. Everyone has different neck shapes, different sleeping positions, and different experiences.

Really speaking of the fundamental methodology, my conclusion is: When lying on your back, the pillow can keep your head level and your shoulders and neck will not fall. Don’t blindly pursue material or height, try more, you can always find a good pillow that suits you!

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What kind of pillow should the baby use?

Sleep is related to your baby’s long-term health. To let the baby sleep well, to ensure the blood circulation and normal development and growth of the head, it is very important to choose the right baby pillow.

  1. When does the baby use the pillow

The head of the newborn baby is almost shoulder width apart. When lying down, the back and back of the head are on the same plane; when lying on the side, the head and body are also on the same plane. Therefore, pillows can be omitted. But if the mattress is soft and your baby’s head is heavy, you can also use a lower pillow to keep your body balanced.

Babies generally start to learn to raise their head after 3 months, the spine is no longer straight, and the neck of the spine begins to bend physiologically. At the same time, as the body develops, the shoulders gradually widen. In order to maintain the physical bending during sleep and keep the body comfortable, you can start using pillows for your baby. Otherwise, the baby’s sleep and normal development will be affected due to the low head position.

  1. The scale of the baby pillow

The main function of the pillow is to support the cervical spine, so the height of the baby pillow must be adapted to it. For babies under three months of age, if they need pillows, they can be replaced by folding several layers of towels. After three months, a pillow with a height of 4 cm is generally sufficient. As you age, you can adjust the height of the pillow at any time. The standard of this height is that after the baby falls on the pillow, his head and body are in balance without the uncomfortable state of sinking and raising. The length of the pillow is equal to the width of the baby’s shoulders, and the width is about the height of the baby’s head.

  1. The material of the baby pillow

The baby grows fast, has a strong metabolism, and sweats more on the head. It is easy to soak the pillow when sleeping, sweat and dandruff are mixed, and the baby often drools, moist saliva and stolen goods on the scalp are easy to remain on the pillow. It is easy to cause skin infections and other diseases. Therefore, the baby’s sleep health must be paid attention to. Secondly, the baby pillow must have good moisture absorption and ventilation.

Infant concave pillow

Good sex, moderate hardness, etc. It is best to use natural, non-toxic and odor-free pillow cores for the pillow core, such as buckwheat husk, tea, chrysanthemum, etc. The filler should be aired frequently to avoid excessive sweat and mold. The new type of memory foam pillow filling material has good elasticity, air permeability and high plasticity, can support the head and reduce head pressure, and is also a good choice for pillows. The pillowcase is best to choose pure cotton and velvet, and the moisture absorption is the best and close to the skin.

  1. The height of the baby pillow

The 4-5 months old baby’s cervical spine begins to bend forward. At this time, in order to let the baby breathe smoothly and grow his body smoothly, you can use a 1cm high pillow, of course, you can also use a cotton towel instead. The towel is folded to about 1cm height. That’s it. For babies from 3 to 6 months, the most reasonable pillow height should be less than 3 cm. Properly raise the height of the pillow after 6 months, preferably 3~4 cm.

  1. The hardness of the baby pillow

The baby pillow must not be too hard. During the baby’s growth period, the skull and other skulls are relatively soft, and the combination is not strong. Long-term use of rigid pillows can lead to deformation of the baby’s skull. Depressed at or several places.

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How does pregnant woman choose the pillow that suits her?

It is necessary for pregnant women to choose special pillows during pregnancy. The pregnant mother pillow is a special pillow for pregnant women, whose main effect is to assist the pregnant mother in a special period to maintain the waist, abdomen, legs. And pregnant mother to ensure adequate sleep, good for the health of the baby, and warm sleeping environment, comfortable bedding, appropriate pillow is the key to the sweet and stable pregnancy mother sleep. So how does a pregnant mother choose the most suitable pillow? TAIDINA shares her list of six things to do with a pregnant pillow.

  1. Choose a pillow that is moderately soft and hard.

Pregnant mother in sleep by the weight of the baby in the belly, often want to reverse the body, so to choose a soft and hard moderate pillow, so pillow is more comfortable, good pillow will let the neck hanging, too soft pillow easily lead to poor blood circulation.

  1. Choose a longer pillow.

The sleeping habit that the woman can present to toss and turn occasionally during be pregnant, in order to prevent to return the body when the head fell through, chose to grow a few pillows as far as possible, although pregnant mother turns a body in large scope so, the head also is not likely to fall through.

  1. Choose a special neck pillow.

Some pregnant mother body is too fat, can choose to take the pillow that protects neck, can maintain neck of utmost degree so, neck holds can let neck get abundant loosen, also have certain massage effect, conduce to improve sleeping quality.

4.the appropriate amount to the pillow to add sleeping things.

Want to let pregnant mother sleep better, can increase cassia seed, chrysanthemum and other data to the pillow, to promote sleep, improve sleep quality is very helpful.

  1. Choose pillows with good air permeability.

In hot summer, choose the pillow with good permeability is very important, can prevent pregnant mother to give birth to prickly heat not only, still can let pregnant mother sleep more melting, but the pillow of mat type gives pregnant mother to use less, bad to the body.

  1. Choose a lighter pillow.

The pillow of pregnant mother wants to choose colour a few lighter, also can choose colorless, won’t have the damage that fades color so. Now many dark cloth contains a variety of harmful dyes, use for a long time will be harmful to the health of the body, especially pregnant mothers, try to use color or light pillow.