custom body pillow

Custom anime body pillow, also known as Dakimakura. It is the most popular daily necessities in Japan. Pillows and animation are combined, so they are very popular.
You can customize your favorite cartoon characters on the body pillow, or it can be a photo of a celebrity or your lover. The 1:1 size body pillow allows you to experience the feeling of embracing with your love at all times. Custom pillows can also be used to decorate your home style.
The production method is very simple, you can directly buy the styles in the mall, or provide your favorite pictures, we will help you design the body pillowcase. Eventually we will make a finished body pillow and deliver it to your address through logistics.
We can provide pillow customization services in various sizes and styles

Existing products

You can print your favorite star or anime character on the pillow. This is an essential pillow for otaku. This body pillow is very popular in Japan and the United States. Ergonomic design, environmental protection and comfort.

Frequently asked questions

Where is the zipper on my printed human pillow?

There is a zipper at the bottom seam to open the body pillow cover. It does not extend completely to the edge, so your corners are super neat. Strong hiding power, with beautiful heart pendant.

Can I wash the pillow?

Your printed body pillow is ordered by hand and comes with a removable cover. If it becomes completely dirty, you can simply unzip the zipper, remove the polyethylene insert, and eject the lid according to the standard 30° washing cycle. It can even be dried and ironed on a small fire.

Can I add text to the support design?

Our online design interface has a text tool that you can use to add text to the pillow. You can choose a different font, and if the font you need is not available, you can always add text to the design before uploading.