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Dakimakura pillow buying guide

When buying any product, always remember some practical points. The difference between Dakimakura and the body, please keep the following factors in mind:

Size: Dakimakura pillows are available in three sizes. Choose a pillow that fits your existing pillow or series. Always have a uniform size pillowcase, not all sizes, unless of course you have three sizes of “inner pillow” at the same time.
Fabric: There are 3 types of fabric for the pillow. These are discussed below:

Smooth knitting: As the name suggests, the smooth Dakimakura pillows are incredibly smooth and feel good to the touch. They are made of 100% polyester fabric and therefore have smoothness. Polyester can also ensure that the graphics and patterns printed on the fabric remain authentic even after multiple washings. The only problem is that the material can only be stretched in one way.

Soft velvet: This is one of the secondary choices of Dakimakura pillows. This is because even if velvet feels gorgeous, it cannot lay a good foundation for realistic printing. The soft velvet pillows look a little fuzzy and are easy to keep warm. Therefore, unless you don’t worry about heavy problems and don’t mind the blur of printing, it is recommended to choose other materials.

Peach skin: This is a low-key version of the silky knit material. It is also the most economical choice among Dakimakura pillows. Just like a smooth weave, the peach skin is made of 100% polyester. However, the quality of polyester is different. Peach skin pillows are also soft to the touch, but the fabric is not elastic at all. The printed matter works well, and it maintains its original appearance after continuous use. It is currently the most mainstream choice.

Two-way Tricot: This is the favorite choice of the Dakimakura community. The fabric used is extremely soft, silky smooth, soft to the touch, slightly shiny and excellent finish. It brings out the characters printed on it very vividly with high contrast, making it a favorite among all other fabrics. It is also very flexible and can be pulled in all directions.

Print: This is a very personal choice. You can print anything according to your needs. The printed matter can also be customized according to your personal preferences. In addition to the usual prints, since Dakimakura is also associated with the “love pillow” concept, you will also get a large selection of adults. You can also choose existing styles to buy, because animation pillows already belong to a very mature and rich industry, and already have very rich elements and styles.
Bed cover: Considering the adult elements related to Dakimakura pillows, it is recommended that you purchase pillow covers in advance. In this way, you can always pull them on the lid and protect them from accusations and prying eyes.
Price: Nowadays, you don’t have to buy from Japan. There are many land sites that provide anime body pillows. Amazon Mall also offers many styles to choose from. If you want to choose Dakimakura with low price and high quality, you can choose the website

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