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Dakimakura Pillow vs. Body Pillow

Although human pillows are used to define and explain the concept of Dakimakura pillows, there are very basic differences between the two products. They look very similar in size and shape, but the basic difference lies in their purpose. In places where body pillows are usually used for body support and comfort, Dakimakura pillows are emotional tools.

In the traditional sense, body pillows are orthopedic pillows or special pillows recommended by professional doctors, which can provide you with better spinal support. Use them after a physical injury to maintain the correct posture during sleep or under special medical conditions such as pregnancy. The basic purpose of a body pillow is body support.

On the other hand, Dakimakura pillows are purely for emotional support. They first came as anime derivative products and later used as comfort products, like your safety blanket or the plush bedspread you want to sink at night. They are different from the oversized teddy bear you want to sleep.

In addition to the obvious difference in intent of use between body pillows and Dakimakura pillows, their sizes are also different. There is no hard and fast rule on the size of the body pillow. They can have a variety of different sizes. However, Dakimakura pillows are traditionally only available in three sizes:

150x 50 cm
160x 50 cm
100x 35 cm
The size of Dakimakura pillows is important because they are designed to correspond to and relate to the anime theme of sports.

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