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Do you know the function of functional pillows?

One-third of people’s life is spent sleeping and resting. It is obvious that sleep is very important to everyone. Exercising a good sleep quality is of vital importance to physical and mental health. In order to let people sleep well, there is now a kind of functional pillows on the market, and they are very popular with consumers. So do you know the function of the functional pillow? Let’s talk about functional pillows below.

The function of functional pillow one

Functional pillows bring ergonomic support, help people to enter deep sleep, improve sleep quality, relieve cervical spine pressure, prevent numbness, soreness, and fatigue of limbs, and at the same time have a certain role in correcting the cervical spine.

Function 2 of functional pillow

Some functional pillows are made of herbal medicines, which can directly act on the brain to balance blood qi, cure diseases and eliminate evil, and regulate the body’s yin and yang. Some functional pillows can also dredge the blood qi, enhance the meridian qi, clear the orifice, etc., and achieve the effect of overall conditioning.

Function three of functional pillow

Studies have shown that the medicines in functional pillows, and some aromatic medicine components can effectively eliminate phlegm, relieve convulsions, refresh the brain, and expand peripheral blood vessels. These drugs act on the human body by virtue of blood vessels, meridians and nerves, which can prevent aging and anti-aging, but also cure diseases.

Function four of functional pillow

Functional pillows are not only pillows, but can also be back pillows and throw pillows. Nowadays, the rectangular flat pillows that we use the most are those that do not meet the physiological needs of the human body. Long-term use of this pillow is prone to muscle soreness, and functional pillows can solve this problem.

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