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Enlightenment of a small pillow

A few days ago, I took my son back home. At night, we slept on a tukang with two quilts and a small pillow. The son immediately muttered: “A pillow, how do two people use it?” I even smiled and said, “It’s okay to sleep.”

   After dinner, I chatted with my old mother and my son went to sleep alone. The days in the mountains are cold at night. I was afraid that my son would catch a cold, and I would have no intention of chatting with my mother. My mother found that I was a little tired and said, “My son, go to sleep.”

   As soon as I entered the room, I saw that my son didn’t use a pillow, and he had a few books under his head.

   I took the pillow, carefully propped up my son’s head, and placed this only small pillow underneath. Then, I found a brick from outside the house and wrapped it in newspaper. This brick pillow is very cool, and it is not interesting.

   I slept in the middle of the night and was suddenly awakened by the chirping of a mountain bird. When I turned over, through the bright moonlight, I realized that my son was awake, and my two eyes were rolling.

   “Son, why didn’t you sleep?” I asked, and then touched my son’s warm forehead.

   “The mountain bird woke me up.” The son said, leaning against me.

   Suddenly, I realized how soft and soft under my head, oh? How did the little pillow get under my head?

   “Son, what are you resting on?” I tilted my body.

   “Dad, I feel comfortable with my pillow.” The son said, snoring intentionally.

   About half an hour later, my son really fell asleep, I still carefully placed the small pillow under my son’s head.

   Around four in the morning, I woke up again. The little pillow was under my head again. I turned on the light to look at my son, and saw that he was still resting on the books. Suddenly, I couldn’t restrain the excitement in my heart, and I almost screamed. After a while, I leaned over and kissed my son’s warm forehead, and said to myself: “Good son, really my good son.”


   It’s been a long time since this scene, but at this moment, I always feel something in my heart that I cannot send.

   I am always thinking about this simple scene.

   When his son was very young, he lived with his grandmother in the mountains. During the winter and summer vacations, I always go back to the mountains. Instead of seeing my mother, I might as well just say that I see my son. The mother was frugal all her life, especially the household items, and never prepared for extra. Even if there are guests at home, my mother always has to borrow from the neighbors in the neighborhood. My mother often says that life should be made do with it. For this reason, at that time, I often slept at night, resting on bricks, square stones, or pillows made of bamboo, and sometimes folded my coat as a pillow.

   At that time, I slept next to my son with a brick pillow, and looked at his sleeping son with a sweet smile. I always feel that I have a sense of happiness and satisfaction.

   Several times, my mother looked at my son who was sleeping and said, “When will this kid grow up to be able to pass the pillow to my father.”

   That night, my son handed me pillows several times. This is not just a concern, a kind of filial piety. I think: When a child reaches a certain age, the nature of human nature will naturally be revealed.

Usually, I am most worried about my son. When my son is at school, I often call his head teacher to find out. This makes my son very annoyed. He said to me several times: “Dad, you better not call my head teacher. Phone, okay?” My son came home, because he was playing games, I almost slapped him. I realized more and more that the children nowadays are too strict in control, but on the contrary, he is more confrontational.

   Once, I saw an example of the director Feng Xiaogang educating his daughter on TV. The daughter was tired of studying, and this made her mother anxious. Director Feng calmly said to her daughter: “You really don’t want to study anymore? If that’s the case, then drop out. I will personally accompany you to go through the withdrawal procedures, and go now.” Director Feng’s trick made her daughter dumb. Speechless. Director Feng said: “Bundling is not the best way to educate children. Let children develop naturally, and children will achieve their goals in life.”

   Now, the scene of the son changing the pillow just confirms the words of Director Feng: Education, only true and only natural education is the most effective education.


  School education is actually about changing pillows, not preparing pillows. Although a pillow is a shortcoming, it is easy for people to inspire the truest, most authentic, and most precious side of one’s heart. Although there is no shortage of pillows, it is easy for people to become lazy and psychologically degenerate. In most cases, a person’s change is not due to an extraordinary lack. Although being rich can temporarily satisfy the soul, it is easy to run from one end to the other.

   Normally, in the process of education and teaching, we must create such a shortage for students. Let students always pay attention to discover the best and most valuable part in their hearts to give others. When teaching, some of our teachers are afraid to tell students that they are incomplete, drag the class or even squeeze their spare time, and do it all by themselves without leaving any blank space. Such education is not conducive to the overall development of children.

   For example, demonstration teaching is a method used by most schools to promote teaching. I think this is not a common practice. The biggest drawback of demonstration teaching is that the classroom layout is too perfect. In the classroom, the teacher needs to leave a gap for students to think and operate. Every kind of life in the world emerges from the gap. A grain of wheat, take a closer look, there are also traces of horizontal and vertical cracks in the middle.

   This little pillow from my mother has been around for more than 30 years. It is unpretentious, with several patches patched on by the mother. Perhaps this little pillow is a testimony of the best variety of mothers, and is the best education for us. Although mother knows that doing this is frugality, in our eyes, it is not just frugality that can be summed up.

   This little pillow made me truly realize how the road of life is going on?

   Where is the road? The road is at my feet.

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