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hisoka full body pillow

Hisoka is one of the most popular hunters in the full-time hunter anime, with a distinctive outfit and super-high fighting skills.
Full-time Hunter” is a manga by Japanese cartoonist Yoshihiro Token. The work has been serialized irregularly in Japan’s Shueisha’s manga magazine “Weekly Shonen Jump” from March 16, 1998. The electronic version is serialized by Manfan comics; there are also TV animations, theater versions and video games of the same name adapted from the original work. And other peripheral media products.
The protagonist, Jay Frees, grew up on Whale Island, and he was accompanied by Aunt Mitte and Granny. He is cheerful and has the spirituality to communicate with animals. Because there is no father and no mother, Jie loves Aunt Mitte as his biological mother. Until the age of 9, Jie was rescued by a young man in the forest. Jie learned from his mouth that his father is still alive and that he is a hunter by profession. After persuading Aunt Mitte, Jie embarked on a journey to find his father alone. So Jie decided to become a hunter and started looking for his father from here. Relying on this kind of belief, I started the adventure journey, made friends during the journey, and continued to grow, which led to all subsequent stories and led to the wonderful world of hunters.
The most popular in the anime is Hisoka, and Hisoka is a master magician who participated in the hunter experiment with Xiaojie and others. After he got the hunter’s license, he made a noise in the sky arena, and then joined the Phantom Brigade in Youkexin City. He does not intend to engage in hunter activities, just enjoy the fun of fighting with masters. With his strong fighting talent and militant personality, hisoka showed his most memorable fighting scenes in the anime.

For this reason, we specially designed the same hisoka full body pillow, which perfectly restores the classic image of hisoka.

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