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How does pregnant woman choose the pillow that suits her?

It is necessary for pregnant women to choose special pillows during pregnancy. The pregnant mother pillow is a special pillow for pregnant women, whose main effect is to assist the pregnant mother in a special period to maintain the waist, abdomen, legs. And pregnant mother to ensure adequate sleep, good for the health of the baby, and warm sleeping environment, comfortable bedding, appropriate pillow is the key to the sweet and stable pregnancy mother sleep. So how does a pregnant mother choose the most suitable pillow? TAIDINA shares her list of six things to do with a pregnant pillow.

  1. Choose a pillow that is moderately soft and hard.

Pregnant mother in sleep by the weight of the baby in the belly, often want to reverse the body, so to choose a soft and hard moderate pillow, so pillow is more comfortable, good pillow will let the neck hanging, too soft pillow easily lead to poor blood circulation.

  1. Choose a longer pillow.

The sleeping habit that the woman can present to toss and turn occasionally during be pregnant, in order to prevent to return the body when the head fell through, chose to grow a few pillows as far as possible, although pregnant mother turns a body in large scope so, the head also is not likely to fall through.

  1. Choose a special neck pillow.

Some pregnant mother body is too fat, can choose to take the pillow that protects neck, can maintain neck of utmost degree so, neck holds can let neck get abundant loosen, also have certain massage effect, conduce to improve sleeping quality.

4.the appropriate amount to the pillow to add sleeping things.

Want to let pregnant mother sleep better, can increase cassia seed, chrysanthemum and other data to the pillow, to promote sleep, improve sleep quality is very helpful.

  1. Choose pillows with good air permeability.

In hot summer, choose the pillow with good permeability is very important, can prevent pregnant mother to give birth to prickly heat not only, still can let pregnant mother sleep more melting, but the pillow of mat type gives pregnant mother to use less, bad to the body.

  1. Choose a lighter pillow.

The pillow of pregnant mother wants to choose colour a few lighter, also can choose colorless, won’t have the damage that fades color so. Now many dark cloth contains a variety of harmful dyes, use for a long time will be harmful to the health of the body, especially pregnant mothers, try to use color or light pillow.

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