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How does your family rate your anime body pillow?

In fact, at the beginning, my family was very opposed to my preference for two dimensions. Before my third year (grade 8), I didn’t even dare to put up posters on the bedroom wall, and now there are only three. When I was in the semester of higher school, I mustered my courage to buy the only pillow in my life so far.

A normal Hatsune anime body pillow is actually a more suitable pillow. Those who dare not buy R-18 are afraid that the family will not accept it. The family didn’t accept it at first. My dad probably looks unpleasant but can’t say anything, he just scolded me for wasting money. My mother said, “Aren’t you embarrassed to hold a beautiful girl?” I said, “Isn’t it just a pillow?” In fact, I was thinking: “Is there anything wrong with holding my female ticket?” The knights don’t come to spray, think about parallel universe theory, manual funny) Then the family basically agreed to it.
I always wash the anime bod pillowcases myself, and they never wash it for me. Sometimes my mother would refute me from a health point of view: “I put a big pillow to cover my face at night. Isn’t it dirty? Isn’t it hot? Doesn’t it affect your breathing? No…” I denied them all, “No Dirty! Not hot! No influence! No…”
Sometimes my mother said that I was a fetish: “People are fetishes for small children, you didn’t fetish when you were a kid! Why did you start fetishes when you grew up?” I laughed and said nothing: What fetish, you are called love!
By the way, it’s so comfortable to sleep with your arms around the pillow. (# Funny) It’s not only okay, but also slapped (crossed out). In a blink of an eye, this pillow has been with me for more than a year, and the pillowcase has pilled. It’s almost time to change the pillowcase. However, first of all, I have to have money…orz In short, the family’s attitude towards this pillow and my other collections is basically the same, which is tacit approval. This is also due to my resistance all the time. After all, to like is to like. To use the lines in “My sister”, “I am not me anymore”. What you like is to strive for yourself. Well!
It is estimated that in their eyes, the only difference is that this one I want to sleep with is one step closer to perversion than the slightly sexy poster? (#funny)

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