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How to choose the right Dakimakura size

Everyone is familiar with dakimakura (Customized anime adult body pillow) because we can use them in daily life or work because they are comfortable to hold. It is an essential tool for leisure and relaxation.

So how big should dakimakura be?

What are the other precautions before buying?

  1. Anime pillows have different sizes in different aspects, especially Dakimakura’s DPI, PX, CM. When customizing your own dakimakura, you will definitely know more about the size you need.
  2. Dakimakura has many design styles, you need to choose your favorite design style according to your needs. For example, the size of the Mediterranean style dakimakura is 3050cm, while the size of the simple European style is 3048cm.
  3. The size of dakimakura is directly related to its shape. At present, the common shapes of dakimakura are mainly square, round, elongated or irregular shapes.
  4. Before choosing the size, it is best to determine the shape, because different shapes of dakimakura should have different sizes to ensure good use and enjoyment.
  5. DPI is an abbreviation for dots per inch and is the resolution unit of printers, mice and other devices. This is one of the main parameters to measure the printing accuracy of the printer.

Next, we will explain the common dakimakura size and DPI.

Small size: 40×40
Cm: 40

On: 15.74803 in

DPI: 300

Px: 4724 (usually 5000)

This type of dakimakura can be placed on the back of a chair or used as a thick cushion. They can keep us in a good sitting posture and are also suitable for us to hold.

The ideal size of dakimakura is 40cm * 40cm, because the hands of adults are longer than the hands of children, and the wind can pass through the gap. Therefore, when designing, attention should be paid to the thickness of dakimakura. If it is not thick enough, they will not be able to keep warm.

Medium: 50×50
Cm: 50

In: 19.68504 in

DPI: 300

Px: 5906 (usually 6000)

This type of dakimakura can be placed on a sofa or bed to decorate our house because the medium-sized volume is convenient for us to use because they do not slip off and are large enough to fit the sofa.

Large size: 60×60/70×70
Cm: 60/70

At: 23.62205 in / 27.55906 in

DPI: 300

Px: 7087 (usually 7000) / 8268 (usually 8500)

This dakimakura can be placed on the windowsill or next to the coffee table. They can be used as cushions on the floor. This is what large size can do.

Large size: 50×160 cm anime Dakimakura
Cm: 50×160

Inches: 19.68. ×62.99 in

DPI: 300

Pixel: 6000×19000

Many dakimakura are so small that they cannot meet the needs of the bed.

Especially in the cold winter, if you sleep in bed alone, a warm hug must be important to you. If you don’t have a girlfriend, you can choose dakimakura with a size of 50x160cm to meet your needs for hugs. Therefore, they are the most ideal warming tools for otaku and girls.

Now, customep can customize dakimakura with different sizes of 40×120, 50X150, 50×160 and 60×180 to meet your needs. Come and customize your own dakimakura!

According to modern medicine, the optimal dakimakura size is about 80*40 because it can help us support the head and cervical spine. Of course, you should choose the size according to your actual needs.

dakimakura has classic material choices, such as 2WAY, peach skin and plush are common choices.

dakimakura comes in many sizes, and workmanship should be considered. The size is related to many factors, and the choice is also related to the process. Before choosing a size, you should consider it to ensure that the process and use conditions of dakimakura can meet your needs, so that you feel more relaxed and comfortable, this is the user The main concern.

Therefore, the best option is to buy custom anime body pillows at customsep.

This is how dakimakura chooses its size.

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