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I was shocked when I bought a waiting pillow for the first time

​I have been curious, why would anyone buy something like a body pillow, isn’t it just a pillow, and then change a vest to a cover, how can so many people like it?

Especially the kind of body pillows printed with various “waves in waves” anime characters, isn’t it shameful to paly?

​Until I (he) bought an awesome waiting pillow because of curiosity. After I bought it, I found out that the waiting pillow of good material is really comfortable to hold!

And also printed with your favorite characters, double happiness! The most important thing is that the feeling after hug is different, and I get a little comfort in my heart.

So the question is, what kind of feeling is this out of? What netizens said–

Law of Comfort:
​Now when I sleep without a pillow, I always feel that there is something strange and uncomfortable on my chest; especially when winter is here, you can try to sleep naked on 2 layers of quilts plus a pillow.

I don’t know why. I like to sleep with a pillow when I was young. I usually sleep with something in my hug, or roll the quilt into a ball to sleep, which is more comfortable!

(Yes, yes, when I was young, I also liked sleeping with a quilt in it, it was very comfortable)

The law of true fragrance:
​I used to think it was disgusting to buy pillows from a dead house. I didn’t expect that after I went to college and became wealthy, I would buy it all by myself… Now there are two pillows and a dozen pillowcases lying on the bed. Which pillowcase.

It feels like I used to feel disgusting and dead. It smells so good!

The law of true love:
​Even the beloved woman’s big, forehead, strayed, even the beloved paper man pillow, do not have the courage to abandon other people’s criticism, to hug, to pay for love, are you still a qualified second-spindle?

No, you just greet her behind the screen, but you dare not get her. Therefore, the True Love Party has never just used love to generate electricity, but emptied their flowers.

(A local tyrant is more worthy to have true love, even if his wife is a two-dimensional, wow~)

However, there is one point. It takes courage to buy this kind of pillow. If you are discovered by your relatives and friends, you will probably be looked at yourself with weird eyes. Congratulations, already He was publicly executed.

And the shame acceptance of boys and girls is completely different. Even if girls like anime and are incorrigible with the two-dimensional male god, they rarely buy this kind of waiting pillow.

Most of us are just stuffed toys, but there are a lot of them, the bedside is full, and half of the room is full!

What do you think?

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