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Is sleeping without a pillow harmful to the body?

First of all, the spine of the human body is a straight line from the front, but it has three physiologically curved curves from the side. In order to protect the normal bending of the neck and maintain normal physiological activities during sleep, pillows play a certain role during sleep. A good pillow and the correct pillow position will protect and fill the gap according to the degree of curvature of your cervical spine.

If you don’t sleep on a pillow, you will definitely accelerate the development of cervical spondylosis in the long term, and cause the risk of decreased sleep quality and spinal deformation.

Secondly, some friends have already pointed out: pillows are really not used to pillow the “head”, the most important purpose is to support the neck.

So when using the pillow, be sure to pay attention to the part of the pillow covering your fat neck!

As for the pillow, the pillow method is also very particular!

Everyone must have heard “Sit back and relax”, the pillow is high, very comfortable, but no! !

Otherwise, it means, “It’s good for the cervical spine to sleep shorter on pillows, especially for children”, the truth, no! !

Sleeping on a high pillow: lying on your back or on your side, the neck is in a state of excessive flexion. Over time, it will cause the ligaments around the neck to be pulled and cause strains, and eventually become loose, and the stability of the cervical spine will be weakened. Unsteady spine, long-term sleep with high pillows and the onset of cervical spondylosis cannot be separated.

Sleep on a low pillow: When the pillow is low, the position of the head will also be low. The blood vessels in the head are easily congested. After waking up, the head will often feel swollen and occasionally painful, and the face will be edema.

Common wrong pillow positions, source: Internet
The correct and delicate pillow posture and height are: according to the person’s height and habitual sleeping posture.

  1. Like to lie on your back: For people who are used to lying on their back, the pillow should be able to fill the gap in the back of the head. The height should be your own punch, filled with soft material near the neck.
  2. Like to sleep on the side: People who are used to sleeping on the side can choose a slightly harder pillow. When lying on the side, the pillow must fill the gap between the shoulders and the head. The height of the pillow should be such that the head and torso should be level when lying on the side. The best height is 10-15 cm.
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