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My 15-year-old son bought a human pillow with anime characters without my permission. what should I do?

What is the problem? Your son is 15 years old, so it’s no big deal to buy an anime character body pillow. Yes, it might be a bit awkward if the character is under-dressed…but it’s good. Did you know that anime is Japanese animation? Unlike Western animation, most animations are prepared for children. Teenagers are a perfectly normal target group for animation creation in Japan. It’s basically the same, here, in Western TV series for teenagers.. Except. Compared with Western series, the attention paid to “focusing on girls” in anime or actually having sex or similar behavior in anime is much lower (unless you choose Adult category, and usually easy to avoid). Although “teasing” is normal (so why I wouldn’t be surprised if anime characters are well dressed).. The true gender or attention to the relationship is not important. The characters may eventually date, they will overcome difficulties when dating, there may be potential sexual tension between the characters, and so on. But-in the end, if gender is far less important than the Western series of age groups, then the ultimate gender. Besides, it is a body pillow. On the outside of the picture, it is just a pillow for sleeping (if I were an adult doll, I would be even more worried, but even then he is still 15 years old.).

Now-if the problem is that he bought the pillow money with you… that is a bigger problem. If he had never been in contact before, and he was actually stealing money…that was theft, then he must at least be stranded. If you have intentionally and willingly granted him access before, and he has little reason to believe that you may not want him to buy this product. …Simply ask him why he bought a pillow (maybe fun because he wants a body pillow and wants to be comfortable at night because he likes it or something else.. It might be a good idea to ask). If he bought a pillow with his own money, then. Unless the pillow is very inappropriate (in this case, you should probably tell him to cover the pillow), you should choose to fight. Given that he may often go home drunk, take drugs, skip school or even drop out, watch a lot of porn, make his girlfriend pregnant, join a criminal gang, steal things, and more. .-The body pillow looks like a stupid thing. (At least unless he stole the money… but the pillow is your least trouble).

.. I assume it looks like this;

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