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New arrival body pillow evaluation [2020 most detailed explanation]

Today I’m going to be making another,personalized flip sequence pillow for a,customer that wants to get her mother in,herself on the pillow just as a tribute,to her mom that passed away from breast,cancer a year okay guys so if you can,see a little bit on of my setup here I,have my image already put into my cameo,3 software,I’ve already sized it it’s a 16 by 16,inch pillowcase and I’m gonna be using,and I bought these pillows they come,like this in little packages and it’s,the silver sequins with the white I want,to be pressing a sublimation image onto,the white sequins and then flip it over,to the silver so I purchased this this,from Amazon I also purchased the pillow,now with the pillows I went a size up,just reading recommendations from other,customers that bought these pillowcases,wait for the 18 by 18 inch pillow works,very good in the sixteen by sixteen,pillow case and I I do agree with that,so what we’re gonna do now I have my,heat press also warming up to 400,degrees I’m gonna press this 400 for 60,seconds and just gonna take my,pillowcase off the plastic get that,ready for me,so what I’m gonna do now is go ahead up,to my print preferences hope you guys,can see that my print preferences which,I need to make sure that my Epson,printer is set up to print correctly,so it’s still on paper consent let me,change it to 11 by 17 inches I want to,print portrait I want to use the premium.

presentation paper matte standard okay,my 11 by 17 inch paper but I got from,Coastal I don’t have any,complaints about this paper the only,thing that I am a little like about is,they did not come with instructions I,made sense before in my previous videos,but it did not come with instructions on,how to print if there’s a brighter side,but it’s really hard to tell which side,is the brighter side so we’re gonna wing,it and I’m just gonna put it up and,we’re gonna see which one looks brighter,and they both look like the same color I,felt like for a minute I had it down but,now I’m like what is on this side okay,so let me go ahead and get my paper,loaded into my Epson 7710 alright here’s,my baby my black beauty he’s gonna pull,out my cassette drawer and pull it out,to the 11 by 17,place my paper down push it back you,wanna hear it click see what printer,came on so you know that it’s in the,right position my heat press is at zero,five right now so we want to continue,like that warm up my iPad my image all,right Pete this splitting looks like,print it out no go ahead and take you,guys over to my heat press hold on here,y’all okay so there’s my power press on,Amazon that I love so much go ahead and,flip all my feet once over to the white,side want any soup excuse me no silver,super hot so you might want to flip your,sequence over before you actually lay it,up on heat prints either ways see your,discretion I hope you choose to do it,let’s be careful whatever you do choose,to do okay so for the most part this,sequence is so tricky I wanted to be,perfect for her I absolutely adore her,but so they’re off to the white side I’m,gonna go ahead and take my image I have.

Some heat press and take our heat,resistant say I could I’m going to put,to keep my image in place I’m also going,to use my butchers paper I got that from,Amazon as well make sure it’s centered,looks pretty similar to me take my tape,take down besides,the way doesn’t do any sliding,I’ll phone let me quickly cut a piece,flute covers your divine your pillow,your shirt whatever so this top part of,your heat press,alright so just that I’m ready to go I’m,gonna press it for 60 seconds from here,alright so a website super house are you,guys gonna be careful we’re taking it,off be very careful,oh look at that so cute oh I love it oh,my gosh y’all I’m so in love with,sublimation there’s just so many,different things that you can do with it,I love it look at that,it’s beautiful so now I don’t have to do,that it split my pillow on my pillowcase,and it will be ready to go so it’s new,home so I hope you guys like and enjoy,my video for today if you guys wanna see,more of sublimation or RINO whatever I,think about doing next please make sure,you guys subscribe like and comment and,then always I will see you guys next.

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