Zero Two Body Pillow Case: Decorative Anime Pillow Cover [2020New]

$49.99 $47.89

The most original fabric of Zero Two Body Pillow Case. It feels second only to 2WT Tricot, it is very comfortable to touch vertically, and its durability is higher than 2W. It has the best picture quality silk touch!
By using the highest quality ink, the invisible zipper prints double-sided high-quality images through digital sublimation printing.
An anime body pillow can help you spend the whole night while relieving stress and tension. The exquisite appearance and unique design make it the best choice for collection or gift-giving.
Customized body pillows are still the most popular service in 2020. As an anime lover, I will give you the most realistic picture quality experience.


Dimensions: 150 x 50 cm (59 inches x 19.6 inches), pillowcase only. No internal pillows or padding. 160 cm inserts can be customized. You can also buy the appropriate size inner pillow from our store.
100% polyester fiber has cotton, soft and light hand feeling. Especially suitable for summer. Embrace your favorite anime or game characters!

1 review for Zero Two Body Pillow Case: Decorative Anime Pillow Cover [2020New]

  1. customsep_com

    Very excellent production process, cleaning will not fade. The pillows are very soft and a very worthwhile product.

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