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The cervical spine is not good, what sleeping position is appropriate? What kind of custom pillow meets health standards?

Cervical spondylosis is actually very common in life, and bad cervical spondylosis is caused by bad living habits. If we keep our head down often, it will also affect the health of our cervical spine. What is not easy to adopt for cervical spine? This kind of sleeping method is the best and suitable. What kind of body pillow can I choose to meet the health standards?

On the one hand, it may be because of excessive stress, tightness and anxiety. When this state is brought to sleep, the quality of natural sleep will also decline, and you may often suffer from insomnia. On the other hand, It’s the problem of sleeping itself. Is your sleeping posture correct? Did you choose the right pillow? Especially many office workers and some middle-aged and elderly people have poor cervical vertebrae. One is sedentary. One is that the body’s functions are declining. If the sleeping posture is wrong and the pillow is wrong, it may not be easy to sleep until dawn.

First of all, what kind of sleeping position is good for the cervical spine?

From a medical point of view, maintaining the normal physiological lordosis of the cervical spine during sleep is the best way to meet the physiological requirements of the cervical spine. In this case, when you fall asleep, the neck muscles, lumbar discs and ligaments will be relatively normal. And the rest state of the way, people’s sleep quality will naturally be better. The human spine looks like a straight line from the front, but its side has a physiological curve. If the sleeping posture is not correct, the pressure on the neck and lumbar discs will increase, and you will not sleep well.

The correct sleeping posture should be: It is better to have both lower limbs slightly flexed, which can reduce the pressure in the intervertebral space, relax the paravertebral muscles, and get the most adequate rest time, and the muscles, lumbar discs and passing through the neck Organs, nerves and other tissues and organs can also get better ways and rest.

Some correct sleeping positions, the choice and use of pillows and pillowcases cannot be ignored. If there are more pillows that are not suitable for you, it is easy to induce pain in the neck, shoulders, and lumbar spine. The back of the human head protrudes backwards, and the shape of the cervical spine also has an obvious lordosis. The pillow should be able to accommodate the acupuncture points for headrest and support the lordosis of the neck so that the neck muscles can In a state of relaxation, sleep better.

Secondly, what kind of animation body pillow is considered to meet the health standards?

First, the often-saying of peace of mind is not true. If the pillow is too high, the head will be forced to be in a forced flexion position, and the soft tissues waiting for a long time will be in the drafting counter, which will easily cause chronic fatigue, relaxation and damage to the soft tissues, and the stability of the cervical spine will also be destroyed; and At the same time, if the pillow is too high, it will also increase the tortuosity of the vertebral artery into the cranial cavity, and may also cause insufficient blood supply to the brain, reducing sleep quality is light, and inducing cervical spondylosis is too cost-effective.Similarly, often sleeping with a low pillow is not good, and it will also cause abnormal curvature of the cervical spine. When sleeping with a low pillow, gravity can slow down the backflow of the meridians in the brain, and the arterial blood supply is relatively increased. Head swelling and headaches are prone to occur, which affects the quality of sleep. When lying on your back, the height of your pillow is most suitable for the height of your own fist; when lying on your side, it is most suitable for your shoulder width. People with high blood pressure and asthma sometimes need to sleep with a slightly higher pillow; people with low blood pressure and anemia sometimes need to sleep with a lower pillow.

Second, the hardness of the pillow core should be moderate, and the air permeability should be better. Pillows made of buckwheat husks and rice husks are better. In comparison, pillows made of vacuum noodles and ordinary sponges have poor air permeability. Like some latex pillows on the market, the real ones do not contain synthetic rubber, do not contain harmful substances such as styrene, formaldehyde, and have no peculiar smell. Real natural latex pillows must be carefully identified.

We all know that when the cervical spine is particularly bad, it will definitely affect our health and may even cause some complications. So everyone must pay more attention to the cervical spine. If it is particularly bad, you can sleep on the left side. In choosing pillows, you should pay more attention to choosing the one that suits you. This will cause cervical spine problems.

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