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The first Dakimakura owned by young people

For young people nowadays, it may not necessarily go to bed early every day, but they must be comfortable to sleep. Recently, Huawei Mall is testing a Dakimakura, and I, a health expert, must not miss it.

Everyone knows that although we young people are young, because of long-term desk games and mobile phones, in fact, many people’s cervical spine is not very good. Correct sleeping position is a prerequisite to ensure that the cervical spine can return to normal, but it is also very important to protect the cervical spine in daily life. After sitting for half an hour, you should get up and walk, massage the cervical spine, stretch the waist, stop working to relax the stiff cervical spine, massage the cervical spine can relax the neck muscles. In addition to paying attention to the posture when working, we should also choose a pillow that suits us when we sleep.

Then someone will ask, what kind of pillow is an excellent pillow? Alex checked the relevant information, um, it was Baidu for a long time. Of course, he also asked Ma Ma, a doctor, and got the following answer.

Pillow An ideal pillow should meet the physiological curvature requirements of the cervical spine, with soft texture and good air permeability. Pillows should not be too high or too low, do not “sit back and relax” and use the physiological position as the best. From a medical point of view, the height of the pillow is preferably 8-10 cm, and the maximum height should not exceed 15 cm. It should be the same width as the shoulders. It cannot be sloped. When lying on the side, the head does not bend sideways. The rough standard is the pillow height when lying on the back. About one punch, the pillow height should be one punch and two fingers.

Dangdang, let’s show you our excellent pillows today. This pillow is really particular about it. I bought it during the public test on Huawei Mall. Everyone knows that most of the pillows we buy are only pillow cores. , But this sleep-enjoying smart health pillow comes with a pillow towel, isn’t it great?

This is a Dakimakura. Most people should have heard of this term to buy anime body pillow. The first time I heard that it was Dakimakura in Japan, I said that everyone who travels to Japan must buy anime body pillow case and latex mattress. Yes, the quality is very good, of course, the price is not cheap, so in my opinion, anime pillow is very expensive, but this time Huawei Mall will bring you a surprise. The ultra-low price can give you A Dakimakura.

Let’s take a look at the surprise of this pillow in detail

1.Imported from Japan Dakimakur
As I said above, everyone said that Japanese pillow craftsmanship is particularly good. Of course, the good foundation must be the raw materials, because Japan’s climatic conditions and geographical location are very suitable for the growth of natural latex, from manual rubber tapping to poor production. For more than 24 hours, the inner core of the sleeping pillow is also imported from Thailand. Does everyone feel very profitable?

2.Bring a sense of sleep in the cloud
Because the latex content of this pillow is as high as 93%, it makes the pillow soft and hard. Under pressure, it will adapt to everyone’s neck curve deformation, find the most suitable supporting form to support the head and neck, and distribute the pressure on the contact surface . Everyone knows that we have to choose a pillow with moderate hardness to bring comfort to our necks. This pillow is like this.

3.Comfortable and breathable, sleep well all night
It’s getting more and more summer now. People like me who are afraid of heat have turned on the air-conditioning mode. I don’t know if you will experience profuse sweating when you are sleeping, but if you get hot, the pillows will get wet. Yes, sleeping is really uncomfortable, but this pillow, because it is natural latex, will naturally form thousands of honeycomb structure grooves during the processing process, which can help to quickly remove the body’s waste heat and moisture and avoid Hot and humid.

4.Effectively inhibit mites
Everyone knows that mites are ubiquitous in the house, and bedding products are the places where mites breed the most. Like us at home, we need to remove mites every once in a while, but many people don’t pay attention. Yes, this pillow is made of graphene technology pillowcase + 93% natural latex pillow core, which can effectively inhibit the breeding of mites and bacteria, and protect everyone’s skin.

5.APP control, sleep quality is clear at a glance
Many times, we don’t know the quality of our own sleep. Just like others say you snorted when you sleep, but never admit it, this pillow will record your sleeping conditions in detail, such as restlessness, easy sleep Waking up, I recorded it clearly for you. I thought my sleep quality was good, but later I found out that my sleep quality was not as good as I thought.

In the future, I will insist on using this pillow to go to bed early to see if my sleep quality has improved.

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