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Four things you should know about anime body pillows

1.Custom Body Pillow Printing

Design your own body pillow using your artwork, illustrations, or digital designs. Available in either a medium 65 cm size or a large 85 cm, you can print your own body pillow separately on the front and back. The removable cover is made from Soft Velvet, which is arguably one of the softest fabrics we have and is just lush to touch. Printing body pillows edge-to-edge on both sides, these long-lasting, vibrant cushions are lovingly handmade to order.

2.How Body Pillow Printing Is Done

We print your designs onto the Soft Velvet fabric using state-of-the-art modern digital printing techniques. Our craftsmen then cut the printed front and back panels and cut them to the perfect size and shape to create your body pillow. Artisan seamstresses then sew the panels together and attach a zip with a beautiful heart-shaped pendant as the perfect finishing touch. Once the cover for your custom body pillow is complete, we stuff it with a plump poly-fiber pad.

3.Design skills

You can customize your favorite pictures on both sides of the pillow, which can provide more creative space. Using the design of individual words can make the pillow more individual and artistic. Free style matching allows everyone to find their favorite products.

The printing of the body pillow is very easy. Please remember the handmade nature of your customized human pillows and avoid relying on the pattern at the seams, because we cannot guarantee the positioning. A good way to take advantage of this is to add a border to the pattern or design so that its color really makes the design popular.

4.Care instructions

Wash on a standard 30° cycle and hang to dry. Can be tumble dried on low heat. Do not wring. If necessary you can iron your printed body pillow on low heat.

  • Wash At 30°C
  • Wash at 85 Fahrenheit
  • Tumble 1
  • Hang Dry
  • No Wring
  • Low Heat
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