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What is a body pillow? How did this become part of anime culture?

Body pillows have become part of animation culture and have existed for many centuries. Body pillows refer to pillows with a length of at least 1 meter or longer, for people who need to stay asleep.

Dakimakura is a body pillow with a personality theme, which has not appeared until recently. In the mid-1990s, animation began to take the world by storm and was surging in Japan, which has never been seen since the 1970s. With the development of the animation tourism industry, animation-related products (such as characters, posters, special edition VHS/DVD and Itasha (character-themed cars/bikes/bicycles, etc.) have also been developed. Soon after, bedroom decorations began to follow suit. Curtains, bed sheets, and of course pillowcases can all be made quickly. The body pillow is of course carried with you. There are two types of Dakimakura. Pillowcase, you can put it on the body pillow

And ready-made Dakimakura or body pillows printed/sewn on the body pillow itself.

If you are curious, the most documented thing Dakimakura does is one of Monster Musume’s Mia. 4 meters long! ! !

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