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What is the best pillow for side sleeping?[Authoritative answer]

For side sleepers, a good support pillow can make a difference between a good morning and a bad pillow. Even though this is one of the most common sleeping positions, this sleeping habit is accompanied by a stiff neck and muscle aches after a night of sleep. On the other hand, choosing the right pillow can prevent back and neck pain-if you have already encountered this problem, you can eliminate it. Therefore, please read our recommendations carefully to choose a perfect pillow to enjoy a restful sleep. “



It’s very simple-a basic rectangular pillow with three basic US sizes. For example, if you like to wrap one hand on a pillow without further inspection, this model can meet all your needs.

Neck roll

Indeed, this pillow is a roll. As mentioned here, the course shape is specially designed for those who already suffer from neck pain. Night after night, it will reduce the symptoms until the magic pillow completely eliminates the pain.


The contour model is the most popular kind of memory foam pillow with a base on the neck. In turn, this can ensure firm support for the spine and neck at night. There is also a dent in the center of the pillow, so if you turn around sometimes, this is a good choice for you.

Egg box

Egg boxes are basically another type of contour pillow. The only difference is that this model comes with a small egg-shaped packaging box designed to ensure faster and easier ventilation. Don’t forget that many synthetic pillows get hot when you sleep. On the other hand, the egg box model can greatly alleviate this problem.

V shape

This is a supplement to the standard pillow, not a separate pillow. The special shape makes this model very suitable for those who do not mind turning to the abdomen occasionally.


The wedge shape is another popular type that has been widely adopted by different customers. The wedge shape is necessary for those who prefer to look up. This model is designed for those who sleep on their side, and soon seek new support among people with slow blood circulation and pregnant women to support their growing buttocks.


If you choose to match a classic rectangular or square pillow, the next aspect to consider is size. Similar to the filling type, different sizes can adapt to different sleeping habits.

Standard pillow (20 inches x 26 inches): One of the best choices for side sleepers who like compact pillows. The standard pillow size is currently one of the lightest and most affordable models, regardless of the file type.
Large pillow (20 inches x 30 inches): This rectangular pillow is slightly larger and provides extra comfort for those sleeping on the side. In addition, it ensures proper spinal support.
King size pillows (20 inches x 36 inches): King size pillows are suitable for every sleeping habit, and their oversized size provides excellent comfort and relaxation at night.
European style pillow (26 inches x 26 inches): Maybe, if you sleep on your side, this is not the best choice, this model is best for those who like to sleep on the back or even on the abdomen.

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