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What kind of experience is it to sleep with anime body pillow at night?

If you want to sleep well, all ages are recommended. It will be very comfortable, especially for people with sensitive bodies. I have discussed with the girl paper, the girl paper will be very comfortable to be held moderately tightly on the collarbone, in fact, I am the same as the boy paper. In addition, like me, I have been used to lying on the right side since I was young, and I want to hold whatever my thighs like with my arms (isn’t it strange that boys like to hug…), pillows are simply a godsend happiness.

Before the anime body pillow, I seldom slept well and felt restless at night. With the pillow, I will never toss and turn again. Psychological satisfaction is also important. Effectively treat emptiness and loneliness. It’s not all kinds of YY. If you just hold it, you will not be lonely subconsciously. It feels warm (although it is my own temperature).

It feels like a hug…This is also one of the reasons why all ages are recommended, because the respondent is an atypical dead house, and the unconventional gentleman (/∇\) likes hugs and kisses most ~ How can I feel like sleeping well when I am here… The peace of mind given by the pillow is unspeakable. Unless you have a partner like Qiongmei, the other party must have freedom, privacy, space, and feelings, and the possibility of leaving.

But the anime body pillow will never leave you! And it’s up to your mind (in my opinion, a passive girlfriend is not as good as a 2wt pillow… If you are very active, you can achieve what a pillow can’t). This sense of security makes me seem to have been redeemed, who was often restless and cranky at night. The pillow will not leave you! ! ! As for the inflatable doll, I haven’t used it and don’t want to use it…Isn’t it just *…just personal feeling. There is a big difference between people.

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