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What kind of pillow should the baby use?

Sleep is related to your baby’s long-term health. To let the baby sleep well, to ensure the blood circulation and normal development and growth of the head, it is very important to choose the right baby pillow.

  1. When does the baby use the pillow

The head of the newborn baby is almost shoulder width apart. When lying down, the back and back of the head are on the same plane; when lying on the side, the head and body are also on the same plane. Therefore, pillows can be omitted. But if the mattress is soft and your baby’s head is heavy, you can also use a lower pillow to keep your body balanced.

Babies generally start to learn to raise their head after 3 months, the spine is no longer straight, and the neck of the spine begins to bend physiologically. At the same time, as the body develops, the shoulders gradually widen. In order to maintain the physical bending during sleep and keep the body comfortable, you can start using pillows for your baby. Otherwise, the baby’s sleep and normal development will be affected due to the low head position.

  1. The scale of the baby pillow

The main function of the pillow is to support the cervical spine, so the height of the baby pillow must be adapted to it. For babies under three months of age, if they need pillows, they can be replaced by folding several layers of towels. After three months, a pillow with a height of 4 cm is generally sufficient. As you age, you can adjust the height of the pillow at any time. The standard of this height is that after the baby falls on the pillow, his head and body are in balance without the uncomfortable state of sinking and raising. The length of the pillow is equal to the width of the baby’s shoulders, and the width is about the height of the baby’s head.

  1. The material of the baby pillow

The baby grows fast, has a strong metabolism, and sweats more on the head. It is easy to soak the pillow when sleeping, sweat and dandruff are mixed, and the baby often drools, moist saliva and stolen goods on the scalp are easy to remain on the pillow. It is easy to cause skin infections and other diseases. Therefore, the baby’s sleep health must be paid attention to. Secondly, the baby pillow must have good moisture absorption and ventilation.

Infant concave pillow

Good sex, moderate hardness, etc. It is best to use natural, non-toxic and odor-free pillow cores for the pillow core, such as buckwheat husk, tea, chrysanthemum, etc. The filler should be aired frequently to avoid excessive sweat and mold. The new type of memory foam pillow filling material has good elasticity, air permeability and high plasticity, can support the head and reduce head pressure, and is also a good choice for pillows. The pillowcase is best to choose pure cotton and velvet, and the moisture absorption is the best and close to the skin.

  1. The height of the baby pillow

The 4-5 months old baby’s cervical spine begins to bend forward. At this time, in order to let the baby breathe smoothly and grow his body smoothly, you can use a 1cm high pillow, of course, you can also use a cotton towel instead. The towel is folded to about 1cm height. That’s it. For babies from 3 to 6 months, the most reasonable pillow height should be less than 3 cm. Properly raise the height of the pillow after 6 months, preferably 3~4 cm.

  1. The hardness of the baby pillow

The baby pillow must not be too hard. During the baby’s growth period, the skull and other skulls are relatively soft, and the combination is not strong. Long-term use of rigid pillows can lead to deformation of the baby’s skull. Depressed at or several places.

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