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What materials are made of anime dakimakuras (anime pillows)?

As a newbie buying anime pillow Dakimakura for the first time, most of us will confuse Dakimakura fabric. Here is a comparison of 4 Dakimakura materials.



Excellent picture print quality, second only to 2WT.
cheap. The cheapest and most basic thing must be loved by your wallet!
durable. Will not tear or fade.

Inelastic. Does not stretch. This is very troublesome for your Dakimakura pillow core.
The texture is too hard and not soft. Like the outer layer of a waterproof sportswear or jacket, Dakimakura feels the worst.
Summer is too hot, winter is too cold. Lose the basic pleasure of Dakimakura: embrace it.
Believe me, in a week, you will regret buying this pink skin Dakimakura pillow.

Smooth knit


Anti-wrinkle, anti-bacterial and anti-fouling.
Quite smooth, good vertical feel

The picture print quality is low, but it is definitely acceptable to the individual.
It has poor elasticity and can only stretch in one direction. If your Dakimakura pillow cotton is very rich, it is very difficult.
Poor warmth.
Personally, I would recommend a smooth knit Dakimakura with peach skin. For officially licensed products, this is probably the most common, and the price is reasonable and not too expensive.

Japan Textile

The fabric used for Dakimakura is higher than peach skin, but it is still the average Joe in this group. Although it has no advantages in any particular field, it has not disappointed either. The image print quality is pretty good, but when it comes to softness, even peach skin fabrics can outperform it.

2-way warp knitting (2WT)


High printing accuracy;
Elasticity and elasticity. Dakimakura pillows are very easy to set up. I can say that this is the best elasticity and elasticity of all Dakimakura fabrics;
The softest. When you touch it, you will feel exquisite, comfortable and soft, just like hugging your grandfather;
No static electricity, no wrinkles; the 2Way Tricot fabric produced for Dakimakura pillows is essentially wrinkle-free and elastic.
The best warmth. Hugging a body pillow is like hugging a real lover.

A bit expensive. As we all know, cheap buyers eat rotten meat. I will definitely say that it is worth it compared to other materials.
Low durability. The main manifestation is that it is easy to get dirty when using Dakimakura blanks and it is easy to hook silk. In other words, why are you willing to destroy your foreign service?
Some people say that 2WayTricot (2WT) is the god among the gods! It has the best picture quality, silky touch, texture and elasticity. So far, 2 WayTricot (2WT) is widely regarded as the best fabric available for Dakimakura pillows.

If you need one, I recommend the Casemaka Dakimakura store, I bought mine from them and it feels good, maybe this is the best I have ever bought.

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