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What pillow is suitable for workers who have bowed their heads for a long time, recommended by the conscience of senior cervical spondylosis editors

As a 26-year-old worker who likes to raise the cervical spine arch, and is forced by life to change his long-term desk, I think I still have the right to talk about today’s topic-long-term bowing leads to cervical discomfort and sleep. What pillow can relieve cervical fatigue~

Maybe there are young friends who don’t know what is called “cervical vertebrae arch”. Simply put, the cervical spine itself has its own curvature. Because of long-term desks and bows, some people’s curvature is gone. This is called “cervical stiffness”; If you continue to bow your head at the desk, the curvature will be reversed, which is called “anti bow”.

What are the disadvantages of the cervical spine arch?

But there are too many. First of all, it may accompany the problem of looking forward. From then on, the swan neck is a luxury, lack of temperament, and long double chin! In severe cases, it will compress the nerves, causing dizziness, headache, nausea, hand numbness and other uncomfortable symptoms, affecting normal life.

At present, there is basically no cure for cervical rigidity and anti-arch. 99% of doctors say that you should go back to your daily maintenance and teach you to do cervical spine health exercises. You must standardize your sitting posture. Wear your collar to keep warm in winter and prevent it from changing. Serious is victory.

In the daily maintenance process, pillows are very important. If the pillow is not good, the neck is absolutely stiff the next day. Since I learned that I was sick with cervical spondylosis, I have been very keen to change pillows. As long as my neck feels uncomfortable, I will change pillows. I will buy a lot of pillows one after another, and the head of the bed can hardly fit ↓

According to the doctor’s advice: sleep on short pillows, do a good job of cervical spine stretching, and lie on your back as much as possible. Xiaoqijun recommends the following pillows:

  1. Cylindrical pillows for stretching

The principle is actually very simple, it is to lower your head for a long time, and lie on it to force you to lift your head for a while to perform physical stretching. Sleeping on the pillow for 10 minutes every night will really make your head clearer.

You can also consider this kind of hot compress function, hot compress can really help the cervical spine muscles relax, which is of great help to relieve fatigue.

  1. Low latex pillows, memory pillows

Latex pillows and memory pillows have very good support, and it is not easy to breed mites and bacteria after a long time. The most common two pillow shapes are wavy, with a height of 10cm on one side and 8cm on the other. Ordinary people are fine, but for people with bad cervical spine (especially girls), it is a little bit taller, and the neck is easily empty when the head is in the wrong position.

In addition, my personal experience is that the high and low pillows are only suitable for the high side, and the short side lie on it because the back is high and the back of the head feels dragged up. Although the neck height is appropriate, the neck will still be stressed. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone buy a special pillow with a low overall height.

  1. Partition neck pillow

This kind of pillow is more suitable for people who are used to sleeping on the side. Many pillows can now be adjusted in height according to the amount of filling, making it easier for everyone to find the most suitable pillow height.

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The most popular stuffing is the hose, which is washable, has good support, and is adjustable. But be sure to choose a big brand, the material of the hose determines the service life, and a quality bargain with ordinary straws is definitely not good.

And pillows are not like other products. I say that everyone feels good. Everyone has different neck shapes, different sleeping positions, and different experiences.

Really speaking of the fundamental methodology, my conclusion is: When lying on your back, the pillow can keep your head level and your shoulders and neck will not fall. Don’t blindly pursue material or height, try more, you can always find a good pillow that suits you!

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