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Who is the anime body pillow suitable for?

The pillow is our closest partner when we sleep, but if this intimate partner is used improperly, it will affect our health. For this reason, experts suggested that if you want to have a healthy sleep, it is best to check whether your pillow is suitable.
However, it also depends on the pillow. In clinical practice, many patients with stiff neck are caused by sleeping too high a pillow. If you sleep on a pillow that is too high, it will change the normal physiological curvature of the cervical spine, causing muscle fatigue damage and ligament stretch strain, resulting in cramps, inflammation, etc., and symptoms such as neck and shoulder pain, hand numbness, dizziness and other symptoms. Clinically, high pillow is one of the common causes of stiff neck and cervical spondylosis. Low pillows make the blood supply unbalanced. High pillows are not good. Is it better to use low pillows or not use pillows at all? Director Lu said that low pillows or not using pillows are also bad for health.
Some people who suffer from cervical spondylosis think that it is beneficial to recover without a pillow. In fact, this idea is unscientific. Without pillows, people tend to lean back too much when lying on their backs, and they are easy to open their mouths to breathe, which can cause dry mouth, dry tongue, sore throat and snoring. If you lie on your side without pillows, the neck muscles on one side will also cause cramps and pain due to excessive stretching and fatigue, resulting in “stiff neck”. Combining the above elements, we recommend using pillows that are as comfortable as hotel pillows. Dakimakura has been specializing in down products for more than 30 years. The products have been supplied to major five-star hotels. Choose Customsep Dakimakura to give you a good sleep. What is an anime pillow case of dozens of dollars? Summer is the hot season for down bedding products. The excellent comfort characteristics of down, the extraordinary moisture-wicking function, and its refreshing and soft feel are loved by customers in summer. However, there are many quality differences in the down sales market at this stage. Qi, fish in troubled waters, etc. Because customers do not have much knowledge of this type of down, and some characteristics of down are similar to fibers, it is very easy to be cheated. Down is a high-end filler, but you spent tens of dollars, but you bought a product filled with purified fiber, it is very easy to skin discomfort in summer. At present, many Dakimakura on the market are shouting the down flag, the specific composition will be a little down and more than half of the chemical fiber; there is also one thing that must be paid attention to: the down is not necessarily down, it may also be down, duck down, etc. Buy anime body pillow cases.

Down is pure natural goose down, which has a higher degree of warmth, while duck down has a lower degree of warmth. The maximum temperature of 1500G duck down is -29 degrees, and the minimum temperature of 1500G goose down is -40 degrees. Duck is an omnivorous animal. Duck is an omnivorous animal. There is a fishy smell in the velvet. Goose is a herbivore and there is no peculiar smell in the down. Therefore, to choose down products in summer, you must have a long heart, and you don’t have to be greedy for a while. As a high-end filling material in bedding, anime body pillows are unlikely to have tens or one or two hundred yuan. Why do boys’ pillows turn yellow and get dirty easily? Why is it recommended to use anime body pillows? There are many unsolved mysteries in the world, inexplicable.
But there is a puzzle that bothers many people. Why do boys always have yellow pillows and girls have 10,000 question marks? Obviously boys wash their hair more diligently, almost every day, girls wash their hair every few days, but girls’ pillows are fragrant, boys’ pillows will turn yellow, and the bed sheets can also be in human form. What is the reason for this?
The same pillow, girls are clean and fragrant, and boys are shiny and yellow. They say that girls are made of water. Is it possible that boys are made of oil?
Even a cool handsome guy or an overbearing CEO can’t escape the fate of a yellow pillow. It’s not just pillows but also shirts and towels. Boys are legendary sexy oils!
In fact, there are many reasons that cause the pillow to turn yellow. Men have higher levels of androgens and sebum secretion rate is 4 times that of women. And sebum itself is a kind of light yellow liquid, the composition is more complicated, some of the ingredients, such as squalene can make the pillow yellow. In addition, male sweat glands are more developed, and acidic components in sweat will also make pillows yellow. Add some saliva, dandruff and pillows are more likely to yellow. So, don’t blame boys for being “greasy”~ How can it be avoided? To use pillowcases, wash and replace them frequently, so as to prevent the pillowcases from turning yellow quickly. I believe everyone has seen the benefits of using pillows. Choosing anime body pillows will give you a healthier sleep.

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